The Best Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse-Kensington Pro Fit Ergonomic

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Best Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse is Kensington Pro Fit Ergonomic. Millions of people develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome every year. Women are 3 times more likely to develop it than men. People with diabetes and neurological disorders are more at risk. People who are obese and over 40 are more at risk. How many of those categories do you fall into? Even if you don’t fit any of them, why risk it? Get an ergonomic keyboard and mouse.

Kensington Pro Fit Ergonomic

Very reasonably priced, the Kensington Pro Fit is the top choice for a few reasons. The USB dongle is replaceable, there’s a 3 mode power-saving switch and the keyboard can be reverse-sloped, meaning the front row set higher than the back row.

Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse
Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse

The right-handed mouse places the wrist in a neutral position. That can take a bit to get used to, but once you do you won’t go back. There are also 5 customizable buttons to make the mouse really your own.

Specifications for the Kensington Pro Fit Keyboard and Mouse


Keyboard – 2 AAA batteries (included)

Mouse – 1 AA battery (included)  

Battery Life: 

Not stated    

Wireless Connection: 

Bluetooth or 2.4GHz RF single USB receiver

Ergonomic Design: 


Features of the Kensington Pro Fit Keyboard and Mouse

  • Ergonomist-approved design
  • Spill-proof, quiet-click keys
  • Switch between Bluetooth, 2.4GHz RF and off  
  • Replaceable receiver
  • 5-button mouse
  • Reverse slope capable

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