Xiaomi Pad 6 Review; price and specifications

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Xiaomi Pad 6 Review

Xiaomi Pad 6 Review: A Budget-Friendly Tablet for Productivity and Creativity. The Xiaomi Pad 6 is fast becoming a popular choice on the tablet market due to its affordable price tag and wide range of features.

Xiaomi Pad 6 Review
Xiaomi Pad 6 Review

With options for a smart pen and keyboard, it provides an ideal solution for both productivity and creativity. In this review, we will explore the design, performance, and battery life of the Xiaomi Pad 6.


The Xiaomi Pad 6 has a thin and compact design that is reminiscent of the iPad and the OnePlus Pad. The device measures just 6.5mm thick and is lightweight enough to easily fit inside a messenger bag. The power button is located on the top of the tablet and the volume rocker is on the right side. On the back, there is a 13MP primary camera and a square camera module that protrudes slightly.

The Xiaomi Pad 6 comes with a 11-inch 2.8K 144Hz display that is ideal for content consumption. It also has four speakers that are boosted by Dolby Atmos technology. The tablet is available with a regular folio cover and a keyboard cover that attaches magnetically and provides a groove to prop up the screen. The keyboard has well-spaced keys and offers reasonable travel. Unfortunately, it lacks a trackpad.

Xiaomi Pad 6 Review
Xiaomi Pad 6 Review


The Xiaomi Pad 6 is powered by Snapdragon 870 and 8GB of RAM. This makes it powerful enough for multitasking, gaming, and other tasks. The MIUI 14 operating system supports multitasking and offers various features that make using the tablet more enjoyable.

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The tablet does get a bit warm when it is being used for a long time but this is not overly alarming. The Smart Pen is also useful for creative tasks and comes with two buttons to switch between pen mode and screenshot mode. However, it is not as intuitive as the S-Pen on a Samsung tablet.

Battery Life: Xiaomi Pad 6 Review

The Xiaomi Pad 6 has a 8840 mAh battery that can last for a couple of days when used for work. If you are using it for gaming or watching videos, the battery will drain faster.

Xiaomi Pad 6 Review
Xiaomi Pad 6 Review

At a price of Rs 26,999 and an additional 10,999 for the keyboard and stylus, the Xiaomi Pad 6 is a great option for those looking for an affordable Android tablet. The hardware is solid and the battery life is good enough for most tasks. The software could be improved to make the tablet experience more enjoyable but overall it is a great device for productivity and creativity.

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