Best Face Shields for Maximizing Your Protection against Coronavirus

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With the upsides of BEST face shields in mind, we have collected top-rated picks available online.

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1. OMK Reusable Face Shields

A sturdy elastic band holds this face shield steadily in place on your forehead, while a sponge barrier adds cushioning for hours of comfortable wear. It’s coated with both an anti-fog and anti-static treatment to ensure full protection from saliva, virus droplets, dust, and more without disrupting vision. When properly disinfected, it provides months of continuous use and can even be worn over glasses.

OMK Reusable Face Shields

This unique design, which fits over regular prescription glasses or sunglasses, has a lens-free frame and attachments on the ear hooks that connect to the face shield. Each set comes disassembled with transparent shields covered by a protected film layer that, when removed, reveals a crystal-clear surface. The only catch is that you’ll need to clean the mask with a lint-free cloth, otherwise you can accidentally wipe away the anti-fog coating. 

Astonlink Reusable Face Shield With Acrylic Glasses

3. Sunzel Face Shields

It’s designed to hug the face without gaps for 180-degree protection. It has plush cushioning along the forehead as well as an anti-fog treatment on both sides of the clear shield.

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