15+ Top Ad Networks Publishers Should Consider in 2024

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Top Ad Networks Publishers

Top Ad Networks Publishers Should Consider in 2023: By selling ad space to mobile marketers and advertisers through a mobile ad network, publishers and app developers can make passive money from their websites or app.

Top Ad Networks Publishers
Top Ad Networks Publishers

The finest mobile ad networks for publishers are discussed in this article along with a
number of important factors to bear in mind when selecting a mobile advertising
platform. There are several mobile ad networks accessible for people that want to
organize a mobile advertising campaign. They should be sure to pick a mobile
marketing platform or ad network that specializes in their field, though. So let’s get
going. Top Ad Networks Publishers

What Is a Mobile Ad Network?

An integrated platform known as a mobile advertising network, sometimes known as
an app ad network, links advertisers with app developers or publishers that want to
offer mobile ad inventory. Top Ad Networks Publishers

Between supply side platforms (SSPs), which publishers use, and demand side
platforms (DSPs), which advertisers utilize, lies the mobile ad network.

Mobile ad platforms come in a variety of shapes and provide a range of advertising
alternatives. As a publisher, you want a network that will pay you money without
harming your reputation by displaying offensive or irrelevant ads. Additionally, you
may want to pick one that provides a selection of ad types.

Top 15 Mobile Ad Networks (2023): Top Ad Networks Publishers

  1. Publift
  2. Facebook/Instagram
  3. AdMob
  4. Smaato
  5. Unity
  6. InMobi
  7. MobFox
  8. Apple Search Ads
  9. Perform (CB)
  10. Moburst Top Ad Networks Publishers
  11. Yahoo Developer Network
  12. Appsflyer
  13. Zoomd
  14. Mooko Media
  15. TapJoy-Ad networks

Best ad networks — FAQs


One of the best ad networks for publishers is Publift since it gives them the flexibility to customize their ad campaigns and maximize their revenue. Top Ad Networks Publishers

Sticky advertising, banners, vignettes, and multiplex are supported, and it works for both websites and mobile apps.

Ads from partners in ad networks including AdSense, Xander, and Amazon Publisher Services are delivered alongside Publift’s own advertisements.

Models: CPM, CPC, CPA, CPI, and CPL
Minimum traffic: Currently generating at least $2,000 per month
Payout procedure: Money transfer Top Ad Networks Publishers

Top Ad Networks Publishers
Top Ad Networks Publishers

2. Facebook/Instagram

Two of the most renowned mobile devices are Fb and its affiliate, Insta . These massive social media platforms garner thousands of users, making them some of the best platforms to advertise your mobile apps.

Both sites offer advertising campaigns for any budget. Furthermore, you can narrow down the target audience using demographics like:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Relationship status
  • Education
  • Job
  • Likes and interests

Facebook and Instagram use ad types including: image, video, video poll, carousel (up to ten images), slideshow (short video ads), collection (mobile only to feature five products), instant experience (full-screen ads that load quickly), lead (signups), dynamic (promoting targeted products), and advertisements featured in Stories and Messenger. Top Ad Networks Publishers

It takes only a few easy steps to set up a mobile advertising campaign. Prior to creating your advertisement, you must first define your goals, establish your demographics, choose an ad type, place it, and decide on a budget and timeframe.

As you can see, there are several choices available for mobile/app advertising and app monetization on Facebook and Instagram.

3. Ad Mob

The mobile equivalent of Google AdSense is the mobile ad network owned by Google, called AdMob.
AdMob is a wonderful place to start if you’re new to ad marketing because it’s easy to understand.

Use interactive media, text, photos, video, or other formats to promote with AdMob. And the best part
is that you can pick the type of advertisement you wish to run. To help you earn more money, every ad is specifically designed to show adverts for your app.

Ads may be placed automatically using artificial intelligence, which only requires you to add one line of code to your app.

Alternatively, you may choose and put the adverts manually anywhere you wish.
AdMob provides a variety of ad types, such as:

  • Banner ads
  • Video ads
  • Interstitial ads
  • Reward ads
  • Native ads

If you wish to connect to other mobile ad networks, AdMob offers ad mediation services. Additionally, you may link to Google Analytics to monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns.

If you’re doing online campaigns, it also syncs with Google AdSense because it’s Google. This ad network offers options for novice and experienced publishers that are intended to increase your revenues.

AdMob does, however, have restrictions on where ads can appear, such as the fact that only one can be seen at once while scrolling

Top Ad Networks Publishers
Top Ad Networks Publishers

4. Smaato- Top Ad Mobile Networks Publishers

For publishers and advertisers, Smaato is a great mobile advertising platform. With over 10,000 publications and 90,000 advertisers, you may sell (or purchase) advertising space with ease.

Utilise real-time bidding (RTB) by creating super auctions using the Smaato Publisher Platform (SPX). This enables you to locate the advertisers that will pay the highest rates to promote your mobile app.

For the purpose of maximising revenues on an impression-by-impression basis and obtaining higher-paying eCPMs, you can identify where the biggest impression demand areas are during these real-time bidding super auctions.

Smaato accepts videos, banners, interactive, interstitial, and paid advertisements. Using Dynamic Demand, SPX (Smaato Publisher Platform) can automatically optimise demand sources. Additionally, you have the option to mediate additional ad networks with SDK support.

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5. Unity- Top Ad Networks Publishers Top Ad Networks Publishers

If you want to put advertising into your mobile game, Unity is the ideal choice. The platform was created specifically to monetise mobile applications via video advertising.

 All game engines, including Adobe Air, Marmalade, and Corona, as well as the iOS and Android operating systems are compatible with Unity advertisements. You can even set up Unity ads to work with plugins from SkyRocket, MoPub, or other mediation companies.
 CPM and CPI campaigns are available. They support banners, videos, and interstitial ad types. Unity advertisements may even be configured to function with plugins from SkyRocket, MoPub, or other media firms. Top Ad Networks Publishers
 To always reach the proper audience, you may define your target demographics by connection, nation, or operating system. You’re likely to connect with over 35 million gamers in 128 nations.

 the right viewers. With over 35 million players in 128 countries, you’re sure to reach your intended market.
 For the most efficient app monetization, you can monitor how effectively your ad campaigns are functioning by the hour or day thanks to the simple-to-view dashboard’s near-instantaneous data.

6. InMobi

One of the biggest independent mobile ad networks, InMobi enables you to target clients all over the world. You have access to all the resources you need to monetise your applications thanks to this company’s ability to manage mobile and online ad campaigns.

With ad campaigns available in CPC and CPI, InMobi is compatible with Android, iOS, and mobile web. Banners, native ads, videos, rich media, and interstitial ads are among the available ad formats.
Set your target audience by features such as carrier, time, os, operator, country, channel, or device, so you can always advertise to the closest possible matches.

Mobi serves marketplaces in the US, the UK, Africa, South Africa, India, Japan, the European Union, or Africa if you wish to reach someone outside of your native region.

They also offer a mediation platform if you want to work with multiple ad networks, although you may be limited to which other networks you can use.

7. MobFox Top Ad Networks Publishers

 You can make money off of the apps you develop using MobFox, a network of ads for authors, developers of apps, and advertisers.
 To work on all advertising forms, get the MobFox SDK. All key SDKenabled networks and plugins, including as Unity, Cordova, AdobeAir, and GameMaker, are compatible with the SDK.
 Targeting may be done using filters for geography, carrier, channel (IT, business, travel, entertainment, etc.), and demographics (age, gender, lifestyle, relationship, native language, and education). The division of geography can be done by country, region, city, or zip code.

 Select to target pre-defined behavioral audiences or build your own. All popular formats, including native, interstitial and banner, rich media, and video, are supported by the SDK.
 Additionally, keep track of the effectiveness of your initiatives with the thorough reports provided by Moat. Ad verification is offered by GeoEdge to protect your app and users.

8. Apple Search Ads

Operating with the Apple App Store, Apple Search Ads allows app developers to target iOS app users. Apple Search advertisements are paid adverts that show up at the top of the list of search outcomes in the Apple Application and function similar to Google Ads. Top Ad Networks Publishers

Store on iPhones and iPhones and is a great choice for publishers looking to increase app users for their mobile gaming apps. As it is exclusive to Apple, it likely won’t be the best choice for publishers looking to target Android device users.

9. Perform (CB)

One of the most effective cellular ad networks both iOS and Android app user acquisition is Performer (CB). Performance (CB), driven by its unique technology PerformLEAP, is aimed towards mobile publishers and mobile game developers who want to boost their customer acquisition to mobile platforms. Publishers can monitor their traffic, change budgets, and announce new offers from any location thanks to real-time tracking. Performance (CB) offers a variety of mobile ad formats and inventory.

10. Moburst

Moburst has been one of the leading mobile ad networks in the world since 46% of the most popular 15 mobile applications, with more than 1 billion downloads only use it.

For some of the best known businesses in the world, like the likes of Samsung, Google, the help of Uber, Reddit and YouTube, Moburst utilises cutting-edge technologies to promote user acquisition and app store optimisation. (ASO). Top Ad Networks Publishers

They provide creative services as well as ASO for iOS and Android platforms, creating various kinds of in-app advertising, including native and video ads for gaming applications as well as others.

11. Yahoo Developer Network

As an element of the Yahoo Developer Network, Yahoo App Publication provides publishers creating mobile and gaming apps for both the Android and iOS operating systems with a versatile ad-serving platform that takes delight in being easy to set up and use.

A lightweight SDK quickly integrates with both frameworks, with Flurry analytics providing reporting and management tools. Top Ad Networks Publishers

Publishers can create basic ads including rewarded ads, video ads and native ads.

12. Appsflyer

Working with 12,000+ brands and 8,000+ technology partners, Appsflyer works with mobile marketers to grow their businesses through the use of comprehensive measurement and analytics solutions.it works with some of the largest businesses in the world, like HBO Television, Nike, KFC, Visa, and Ebay, and offers a variety of in-app promotions for iOS and Android use

13. Zoomd

Focusing on user acquisition, Zoomd assists advertisers and publishers achieve their key performance indicators through their patented, SaaS-based advertising platform. Leveraging a
single platform that unifies more than 600 advertising partners, including TikTok, Facebook, Twitter and Google Ads, developers can save money and maximize their ad revenue.

14. Mooko Media Top Ad Networks Publishers

Mooko is a leading provider of mobile ad technology in the digital ecosphere. Offering diverse and scalable ad supply across premium websites and apps, Mooko partners with a wide range of mobile advertising networks for maximum monetization for mobile marketers. Advanced features
include automated management tools, multi-layered fraud protection and programmatic media buying.

15. TapJoy

Tapjoy is one of the most innovative mobile ad networks for gaming apps and beyond. It offers app users virtual currency to watch video ads, which mobile users can then use to unlock in-app content. Offering interstitial ads, playable ads, content locks and offers wall ads, Tapjoy allows advertisers to monetize Android and iOS users who don’t wish to use real currency in gaming apps. Tapjoy offers real time reporting and CPC, CPI and CPM pricing models. Top Ad Networks Publishers

Important Lessons for the Best Mobile Ad Networks:-

FAQs:- Top Ad Networks Publishers

A mobile ad network that offers you high eCPMs, insight reports, and a variety of advertising formats is what you should be looking for. Consider becoming a publisher and an advertising to increase the revenue from your apps. You may make money by renting out ad space in your apps. However,
you may also promote your app by paying other publications for ad space, which can increase user acquisition.

Publift assists online publishers in making the most of their website’s advertising. Since 2015, Publift’s clients have seen an average 55% increase in ad income thanks to the utilisation of cutting-edge programmatic advertising technology and unbiased, moral advice. Top Ad Networks Publishers

If your monthly ad income exceeds $2,000, get in touch with us right away to find out how Publift can boost your earnings and make the most of the advertising space on your website or app.

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