Tips to select baby bottle-How do I choose a baby bottle?

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We are going to discuss Tips to select baby bottle. Some bottles are designed to work in tandem with the breastfeeding experience. Others are better for formula-fed babies, with built-in valves to prevent colic and gassiness.

Tips to select baby bottle
Tips to select baby bottle

Here’s a breakdown of the various types of baby bottles and how they compare.

Standard bottles: 

Simple and straightforward, these traditionally designed bottles work well for most babies. Look for them in plastic, glass or even stainless steel versions.

Angle-neck bottles: 

Bent at the neck to prevent air from filling the nipple, which may make for easier feedings and a less gassy baby. The angled shape can make them harder to clean, however.

Disposable liner bottles: 

A hard shell (usually plastic) that holds an individual pouch of milk. The bag collapses as baby drinks, which should reduce gassiness. Built for easy clean up (because you use and toss each bag), these are a convenient option, but not exactly eco-friendly.

Wide-neck bottles: 

Short and squat, these bottles have a wide opening up top — which means a wider nipple, too, echoing the breastfeeding experience. Ideal for babies who will be going from breast to bottle frequently, a wide neck also makes clean up easy.

Vented bottles: 

These bottles include a built-in tube to prevent air pockets from forming in the bottle or nipple, which is meant to help prevent gas. Vents and other extra parts mean these can be harder to clean.

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