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Hi All, I am going to tell you some important tips on How to prepare for TNPSC at home. If you’re one of those candidates doing at-home preparation for the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission exam (TNPSC exam), don’t be skeptical. It’s the right choice and it’s doable. All you have to do is focus and read the pros and cons of studying at home.

Many beginners may find the test and self-study quite intimidating, but they don’t give up. There is always a way out of any confusion, so we wrote this post to help you out.

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How to Prepare TNPSC at home
How to Prepare TNPSC at home

Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission exam with no training and just doing self-paced study gives you full control over your curriculum, consistency, and most importantly, time. Here are some of the prep tips and how to create a self-study plan for the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission Foolproof Exam.

Here Are Some Important Tips for Preparing For the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission

  • Understand the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission curriculum
  • Gather important information and resources
  • Begin your study preparation with full sincerity and dedication
  • Make legible review notes
  • Practice mock tests and quizzes
  • Solve the exam questions from the previous year
  • A study of only standard and high quality books
  • Always think about the topics you have studied and review them


Now here are the top tips to prepare for the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission exam at home.

1. Planning 

For the best results, the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission exam self-study planning should begin at least six months before the exam.

Each assignment covers more than ten subjects in the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission exam, so a month or two is not enough.

If you start studying in a month or two, you won’t be able to figure out what to learn or how to research, and the goal of preparing for the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission will be almost impossible.

2. Practice exam papers 

You should practice the questionnaires from previous years to assist you in analyzing the trend of the Public Service Commission exams in Tamil Nadu and making you successful.

Plus, instead of borrowing notes from your friends, you’ll have to study more than the standard books.

It would be best if you had a general idea of ​​the TNPSC exam vacancy that you are trying.

3. Follow a study routine 

Create a hands-on time to study and always remember to stick to the plan.

Choose your topics, time, and duration wisely.

Take the standard topics first because we believe that a good beginning leads to successful performance in the end. So, as I said, start your preparation with a familiar topic with good knowledge.

4. Easy and Tough Topics 

You need to consolidate and plan the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission examination program to study at home as subjects, following the challenging and accessible subjects.

Need to understand difficult problem concepts to be successful.

You choose a medium level of difficulty for yourself, which is also indispensable from an exam point of view.

Do not start the preparation with an extremely difficult topic.

Plus, learning a simple subject would mean wasting a lot of time at first, and it can make you foolish.

5. Timing: How to Prepare TNPSC at home

Time is the only thing you can worry about, but you should spend enough time studying at home for the TNPSC exam first.

Candidates must carefully analyze the TNPSC exam syllabus.

Choose the topic that you are most confident about and prepare for it in a well-defined time.

Always make a schedule to learn each topic in a day.

Also, try to be useful in all subjects and not just master one subject.

In addition to these points above, you should always check online communities, peer groups, and blogs if you are unable to join a coaching institute. Use Quora, Google, Edvizo, Gradestack, etc. to find great mentors and experts to discuss concerns and get regular advice. Join the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission Exam Exam self-study communities to connect with your peers and understand common issues.

One aspect of preparing for TNPSC self-study is to be clear about the topics and basic concepts of the courses. Proper and regular practice will no doubt develop the potential for overall performance during the actual exam. Examination by the Public Service Commission if you wish. So remember to honestly monitor your daily activities and use all of the time to finalize your discussion with competing friends and colleagues.

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