Taj Mahal Tour Snow Sculpture In Gulmarg 2023

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taj mahal

Taj Mahal Tour: Jammu and Kashmir is well-known for its eye-catching geography and lovely images of locations amid blizzards. They have usually been doing rounds on social media platforms.

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Taj Mahal

Meanwhile, a snow sculpture replicating the Taj Mahal has become the communication of the metropolis in Gulmarg. The pics have been proportioned with the aid of using the Grand Mumtaz Hotels and Resorts. Set in dim light, the duplicate of one of the wonders of the sector stands apart.

The aerial view of the sculpture seems just like the Taj Mahal tour packages in Agra.

Gulmarg, acknowledged for its snowboarding options, has been attracting more travelers after the snow sculpture was built.

Taj Mahal snow sculpture

Recently, pix of the world’s largest railway bridge, being constructed throughout a deep gorge of the Chenab River in Jammu and Kashmir, had left netizens impressed. The development of the arch bridge inside the making began in 2002 and became shared through Union Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw.

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