Tackform Solutions Magnetic Holder

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Hi Friends, We are going to see Tackform Solutions Magnetic Holder review.


This is a fairly strong attractive holder which is the reason it is viable with such countless various gadgets. You will find that it should function admirably with practically all cell phones and little tablets. It can even hold up GPS gadgets very well. Truth be told, as long as your gadget weighs under 2lbs, this magnet holder will have no issue propping it up.

Tackform Solutions Magnetic Holder
Tackform Solutions Magnetic Holder

Magnet Quality

The magnets in this vehicle mount are quite ground-breaking. This is the reason your telephone secures set up practically the second that you place it on the silicone head. Furthermore, whenever it has been fixed, you can be very sure that it won’t move even the slightest bit. Indeed, you can take off onto the harshest territory possible and your telephone will stay in a similar spot.

Mount Position

Presently, this attractive holder depends on a truly solid sticker that can be set on the dashboard. The cement is adequately extreme to guarantee that the mount will stay remaining consistently. The solitary issue with this arrangement is that the cement doesn’t chip away at cowhide dashboards. Additionally, because of the plan of the vehicle mount, it can’t be fixed onto territories that are even somewhat bended. Thus, this may restrict where you can put the mount.


Inside a couple of moments, you can have this mount going, permitting you to utilize it very quickly. When it is in position, you will discover that it keeps on being inconceivably easy to understand. For example, the turning handle on this mount implies that you can situate the screen so it is confronting you straightforwardly, paying little mind to where the mount is. Likewise, you can change the direction of the mount rather effectively also.


  • Good for most cell phones
  • Powerful magnets
  • Easy arrangement
  • Easily situated once fixed


  • Doesn’t work on cowhide dashboards
  • Doesn’t stick on bended surfaces

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