Suicide Machine Clears Legal Review In Switzerland | Painless death

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suicide machine | Painless death
suicide machine Painless death

Suicide Machine

Suicide machine Painless death. A coffin-shaped capsule that promises a relatively painless and peaceful death in less than a minute has been legally approved in Switzerland, its makers claimed. Death occurs from hypoxia and hypocapnia by reducing the oxygen in the capsule to a critical level.

The machine can even be operated from the inside by blinking if the person using it has locked-in syndrome (a condition in which the patient is conscious but has total paralysis of almost all muscles and the Subject cannot move or communicate verbally except vertically). Eye movements and blinking), reported the Independent UK.

The machine is brought to the user’s preferred location and then the biodegradable capsule is detached from the base to serve as a coffin.

Dr. Philip Nitschke, director of the non-profit Exit International, also known as “Dr. Death”, is the brain behind the suicide capsule.

According to Exit International, which developed the machine, around 1,300 people died of “assisted suicide” in Switzerland last year.

“If there are no unforeseen difficulties, we hope that Sarco can be used in Switzerland next year. It’s been a very expensive project so far, but we think we’re pretty close now, “said Dr. Philip Nitschke.

However, Nitschke received side effects due to the method used by his machine. “Some have even said it was just a glorified gas chamber,” reported The Independent.

Some even suggested that the machine glorified suicide.

Currently, there are only two prototypes of Sarco, but Exit International prints 3D a third machine and is expected to be operational next year in Switzerland.

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