Scosche Magnetic Mount

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Hi Friends, We are going to see Scosche Magnetic Mount review


What’s extraordinary about this vehicle mount is that you have many alternatives regarding gadget similarity. The strength of the magnet is just as the stage of the mount is situated on. Thus, you will have the option to raise cell phones, GPS gadgets, and even tablets on this mount with no issue by any means.

Scosche Magnetic Mount
Scosche Magnetic Mount

Magnet Quality

The attractive power presented this vehicle mount is all gratitude to four neodymium magnets. The force of the magnets guarantees that a solid attractive power is made, holding even the bulkiest and heaviest computerized gadget set up. The strength of the magnets likewise implies that when you are taking sharp turns, there is no compelling reason to stress over your telephone dropping out.

Mount Position

Scosche Magnetic Mount is intended to go into the CD opening situation of the vehicle. Because of this situating, you can be very certain that your telephone won’t hinder any significant component on your dashboard. The CD space additionally makes a safer stage which is the reason the heavier advanced gadgets can be upheld. The solitary drawback with this mount position is that when taken off onto truly harsh streets, the mount tends to vibrate, subsequently making your telephone move around too.


The hold should be fixed into the CD spaces, this arrangement may require a couple of moments longer than some different components. In any case, it will be done generally rapidly and you will have the option to utilize the mount rather soon. The pivoting handle that connects the magnet bit of the mount to the remainder of the item additionally proves to be useful when you are driving. It assists with turning the telephone into whatever position you find generally helpful to you.


  • Good for a wide range of computerized gadgets
  • Powerful attractive power
  • Quick arrangement
  • Easy to change position of telephone


  • On harsh streets will make telephone shake

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