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Ratan Tata History

Ratan Tata History. Ratan Naval Tata is an Indian Industrialist who is proudly known as India’s business king. He was born on 28th December 1937 in a business family. Tata products were everywhere around the world. Even when you look around your home surely there will be some tata products. This indicates that tata owns products in all the sectors. At the age of 10 his parents divorced, and he lived with his grandmother. He is closely connected with his grandmother. He did his schooling in Campion School, Mumbai and John Cannon School, Mumbai.

Ratan Tata History
Ratan Tata History


                In 1868 an oil mill in Mumbai was about to close because it was running in loss at that time . Jamsetji Tata thought that if the oil mill was closed then workers will be unemployed which will affect the economy badly, so he bought the oil mill and changed it to a cotton mill because cotton mill had good place in the Indian market at that time. He gave employment to many people. He was the one who offered pension and paid accident compensation to employees, which was nowhere in the scene in the Indian Business Sector.

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                He graduated his B.S. degree in architecture with Structural Engineering from Cornell University, New York. He was interested in studying about business, so he joined Advanced Management Programme from Harvard Business School class of 1975.


Ratan Tata History: Subsidiary companies of the Tata group and joint ventures include: Tata Chemicals, Tata Communications, Tata Consultancy Service(TCS), Tata Consumer Products, Tata Digital (Bigbasket, Tata 1mg), Tata Elxsi, Tata Motors ( Jaguar, Land Rover, Tata Hitachi), Tata power, Tata Play, Tata Steel, Tata Capital, Tata Housing Development Company, Tata Teleservices, Air India, AirAsia India, Vistara, Taj Air, Indian Hotels Company Limited ( Taj Hotels, Vivanta, Ginger), Titan Company                ( Tanishq, Fastrack, CaratLane, Favre-Leuba), Tata Investment Corp.


Ratan Tata History: Ratan Tata focused on Tata motors because he loved cars. After some period, Tata motors entered loss, so he decided to sell it to an US company named Ford. For that he went to the US to meet Ford managers who treated Ratan Tata in bad way and they spoke ill about India and Tata. So, he cancelled the agreement and came back to India and introduced Tata Indica which created a revolution. In the aim of providing car to poor people he introduced a new car called Tata Nano.

He marketed it as the cheapest car. Before it discovery, Tata Engineers said car cannot be produced in cheapest rate, so he spoke with suppliers and brought raw materials at low price with good quality and finished the car project. He introduced it in the market, but it was a great failure for him. After many attempts he made Tata motors boomed.

Ratan Tata History: At that time Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford entered loss at the time. Ratan Tata went to America and brought both the companies. After the takeover both the companies boomed. He made a loss making company to profit revolution. Hemade India proud in-front of Americans who treated him badly. While this revolution happened, Tata motors reached internationally. He brought many British companies.


  1. He has handled more than 100 companies and gave employment for more than 7 lakh employees.
  2. Rathan Tata is a trained pilot, and he owns a private jet.
  3. He is a car lover and has a big car collection.
  4. In 1991, he became the chairman of Tata group. The revenue went from 5.7 Billion USD at the time of takeover to  103 billion USD  in 2012.
  5. Ratan Tata will not be mentioned in Billionaire list because he donates most of the profit for poor, health, education and for rural development.
  6. For Corona relief, he gave 1500 crore INR to India Goverment.

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