Pichaikkaran 2 Movie Review- Is Vijay Antony winning the show?

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Pichaikkaran 2 Movie Review

Pichaikkaran 2 Movie Review: Despite not being as grand as its predecessor, Pichaikkaran 2 still has its moments of glory that cannot be ignored.

Pichaikkaran 2 Movie Review
Pichaikkaran 2 Movie Review

Story Line: Pichaikkaran 2 Movie Review

Vijay Antony stars directs and produces Pichaikkaran 2, a film about a poor man with a painful past. His life takes an unexpected turn when he is subjected to illegal brain replacement surgery, leaving him to live the life of a rich billionaire.

The plot of Pichaikkaran 2 is more ambitious than its predecessor, with larger-than-life moments that may disconnect some viewers.

Vijay Gurumoorthy (Vijay Antony) is one of the top 10 richest men in India, but his subordinates betray him and transfer an innocent, poor man’s brain into his body. This poor man is Sathya (also Vijay Antony), who has been searching for his lost sister since childhood. Having served as a juvenile prisoner, Sathya is forced to live in the shoes of Vijay Gurumurthy against his will.

Vijay Antony’s intentions to make a film that uplifts the underprivileged section of society are commendable. His attempts to bring awareness to the plight of those people through a few dialogues are successful.

Screen Play

The film’s engaging screenplay is mostly packed in the first half, making it difficult to predict how the story will progress in the second half. Though Pichaikkaran 2 has some mass moments that work, like the first part, they are rare.

First Half & Second Half: Pichaikkaran 2 movie review

The flashback portions, which focus on brother-sister sentiments, are usually overdone in Tamil cinema, but here it works due to clever packaging. The anti-Bikili philosophy that comes in the second half is worth noting as it talks about real issues like poverty, hunger, and a lack of healthcare.

Vijay Antony has done a satisfactory job playing two different characters, and the female lead, Kavya Thapar, has done justice to the given role. The background score and cinematography give strength to the film’s progress. Vijay Antony’s editing is also tight and sleek.


Overall, Pichaikkaran 2 is not as grand as its predecessor, but it does have moments of glory that cannot be ignored.

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