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One of the most popular types of Indian sarees that has caused a sensation in the global fashion world is the Brasso silk sarees. A very interesting “burning” fabric technique is used in the manufacture of Brasso fabrics. This is done by superimposing a transparent fabric layer on a hard and cleverly fired fabric. The result is a textured pattern formed on the fabric with a transparent background. Brasso sarees were once only selected by social elites because of their exclusivity. However, nowadays, they apply to all grades and have different budgets. Brasso saree is also widely used by designers due to its rich patterns and luster.

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Brasso silk Sarees
Brasso silk Sarees

Importance of Brasso Sarees:

Brasso sarees specially known for their charm and splendor and are popular for weddings and festivals. Structured patterns and complex designs make them a favorite of women, especially the younger generation. These versatile sarees come in various shades and patterns to suit the occasion and purpose. Especially for evening parties and cocktail parties, there is no better choice than the beautifully designed Brasso sarees.

Features of Brasso Sarees:

Some notable features of Brasso sarees are as follows:

  • Brasso sarees made of two different fabrics. One is translucent and the other is tough, which gives the fabric a texture, soft touch, and unnecessary naturalness Luster to increase embellishment.
  • Flower patterns are often used to make brass saris.
  • Pure brass saris may be a bit heavy. But when worn on the body, they can be draped like a dream.
  • They are made of various fabrics such as chiffon and velvet. Corduroy, etc.

Preferred Age Group For Brasso Sarees:

Brasso sarees are very suitable for young women because their natural transparency, cool fabric texture, and shiny luster make them very suitable for tall and slim women who can show off their beautiful curves. In these saris, the fabric can add extra weight to the body.

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