Best Non Toxic Food Storage Containers: Buy best food containers

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Hi Friends, We are going to discuss the Best Non Toxic Food Containers. Chances are you own a cabinet full of plastic food storage containers. They’re convenient, sure, but misuse can leak unhealthy materials into your meal.

1. Anchor Hocking Oven-Safe Leak-Proof Non-Toxic Glass Storage Containers, 5-piece Set

best non toxic food storage containers

Anchor Hocking’s TrueSeal line is one of the best glass food storage containers for leftovers and work lunches. The thick, tempered soda-lime glass resists breakage quite well. Plus, the container doesn’t stain or absorb odors or flavors. So, food stays tasting fresh.

Each 5-piece glass food storage set includes a 1-cup container, two 2-cup containers, a 4-cup, and a 7-cup.

Store onions and peppers in the smaller containers – then toss pasta, soups, stews, and entire sliced melons in the larger vessel.

You can prep and bake in a preheated oven up to 425℉. Then, store your leftovers in the fridge or freezer. After that, pop in the microwave to reheat.

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And the unique TrueSeal lids snap on tight to provide an air and water-tight seal. Yet, although tight, they’re easy for people with arthritis to remove. Also, unlike others, the lids have soft silicone edges that won’t crack like rigid plastics. Only the lid’s center is plastic – so there’s minimal food contact. Of course, lead, cadmium, and BP (A-F-S)-free plastic.

For storage, stack or nest in your cabinet to save space. And for cleaning, toss in the dishwasher.


The lids are top-rack dishwasher-safe only. And you may want to take the covers off for microwaving – use a paper towel or plate instead. Soda-lime (Best Non Toxic Food Storage Containers) glass can shatter if exposed to drastic temperature changes, so don’t go from cold to hot too quickly.

2. Bovado USA Rectangular Glass Food Storage Containers with Bamboo Lids, 4-Pack

best non toxic food storage containers

Bovado crafts their matching lids from bamboo with silicone seals… So, 100% plastic-free food storage!

Each food storage set includes four different-sized storage containers. One 51.4oz, one 35oz, one 21.6oz, and one small 12.5oz container for dips and sauces. A size for any need, from full entrees to leftover sides.

Unlike plastic lids, these bamboo covers come from a rapidly renewable resource. And bamboo absorbs fewer bacteria than wood, too. So, not only for safe food storage, but you help the planet as a bonus!

You can go right from the fridge into the oven or microwave to heat – without exploding glass! All thanks to borosilicate’s high thermal shock resistance…

Great for busy nights when you don’t have time to let food thaw first on the counter.

Also dishwasher-safe and easy to wipe clean.

And not only strong, but each container’s style makes an attractive serving piece for your dinner table.

For storage, the flat-top lids stack smooth without wobble, saving horizontal shelf space.

And tight silicone seals prevent leaking in the fridge or your car/ bag on the go.


Some customers complain about the bamboo splintering. To prevent this, wipe the covers with food-grade mineral oil once in a while.

3. Prep Naturals Glass Meal Prep Containers 3-Compartment 5-Pack

best non toxic food storage containers

Prep Naturals food storage set uses thick borosilicate tempered glass.

It resists breakage from drops and constant reheating.

Now, it has food-safe plastic lids – but with silicone seals. So there’s minimal plastic contact with your meal.

A multi-compartment bento design with three sections and tight clamps to lock your lid shut for a secure watertight seal.

You can prep meals at home, then grab your pre-portioned lunch and run out the door to work, school, or the gym.

This makes weight loss much more manageable.

And with the clamps, you can squeeze this container upside down into your bag without concern about the lid coming loose.

So, when you open your bag, your lunch is where it should – not painted all over the inside.

For storage, the flat lids stack up easily in your fridge and cabinets.

They’re refrigerator, freezer, microwave, and dishwasher-safe. Also, oven-safe to over 500℉ (without the lids).

But here’s what separates Prep Naturals from many other similar brands. The unique lids! You get a handy extra compartment on top of each lid for storing napkins and cutlery.


There’s a small gap between the divider edges and lid. While nothing will leak out of the containers, food juices in one compartment may spill over into the other.

4. G.a Homefavor Leak-proof Stainless Steel Food Storage Container, 1-Piece

best non toxic food storage containers

This non-plastic food storage container measures 7.1” x 5.3” x 2.2”. It holds 40oz of food – plenty for complete lunches and leftovers.

You can freeze, refrigerate, and reheat food in the oven, but not the microwave.

With the lid’s silicone seal and tight clamps, wet foods and soup stay put – even when placed in your bag upside down.

Plus, the seal locks in smelly food odor from fish and onions.

Unlike similar products, the clips on here open with ease. Even toddlers have no trouble.

For cleaning, toss in the dishwasher to save time. You can remove the silicone seal, too, for a complete scrub.

And regardless, 18/8 stainless steel doesn’t rust, stain, absorb odor, or flavor. So your food stays pure, and the container looks new for years.


You cannot heat food in the microwave. So this container works best for salads, sandwiches, and wet snacks like fruit. Also, there’s no divider to separate food.

5. Bklyn Bento Stainless Steel Food Storage Container & Condiment Holder, 2-Piece Set : Best Non Toxic Food Containers

best non toxic food storage containers

The lids on these are 100% pure LFGB silicone – unlike most competitors. Plus, the soft, child-safe lids don’t leak. As for the stainless steel containers, you get one large 24oz to use for sandwiches, salads, and more.

And one small 1.5oz for dressing or sauce.

The lid/ steel combo makes this the perfect travel set.

Toss your bento’s in your bag before work or school, and they remain sealed – even when upside down.

For kids, food stays shielded at school or daycare, even if dropped.

All parts are fridge, freezer, and oven-safe. For cleaning, toss in the dishwasher.


You cannot microwave this container. Use a separate dish to heat. And there’s no divider to separate food. But Bklyn Bento offers a 3-tier steel tiffin box for that!

6. Homelux Non-Toxic Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bags, 6-Piece Set

best non toxic food storage containers

You’d get these 100% food-grade silicone storage bags – except they’re much more versatile than plastic.

For example, you can store leftovers in the fridge or freezer, then toss them directly into the microwave, oven, or boiling water to reheat.

Thanks to silicone’s stability at extreme temperatures, you can cook right inside the bag – without concern.

For closing, Homelux excels with its smooth, removable plastic sliders.

They create a water and airtight, leak-proof seal, where other brand’s sliders seem harder to close.

You get three sizes in this 6-pack:

Two small bags (15 oz. / 500ML / 2 cups), two medium bags (30 oz. / 1L / 4 cups), and two large bags (50 oz. / 1.5L / 6 cups).

Each silicone food storage bag has volume markings to help measure out portions, too.

Use them as sandwich bags; for storing meat in the freezer; to keep fruit fresh; store pasta sauce; meal prep; even as a water-tight bag for kayaking.

For snacking, these silicone bags stand on their own – unlock Ziplocs.

You can place them down and snack right out of the bag.

For cleaning, wash by hand or toss the bags in the dishwasher to save time!


If you have arthritis or a weak grip, you may find the closing mechanism a bit tricky. One tip – wet the grooves first. The slider moves easier when wet.

7. Collapse-it Collapsible Silicone Food Storage Containers, 4-Piece Set : Best Non Toxic Food Containers

best non toxic food storage containers

Collapse-it uses 100% food-grade silicone to craft their containers and lids. So, no plastic concerns.

You get four containers: one 7-cup, one 4-cup, one 3-cup, and one 2-cup.

The easy-closing lids create an airtight, leak-proof seal, great for on-the-go.

Plus, steam vents allow you to heat food with the tops on, splatter-free.

And because silicone Tupperware is so stable, you can pull these from the fridge or freezer, then immediately heat food in the microwave or oven (up to 350℉) without worry.

The silicone won’t crack under rapid temperature change like glass can.

Plus, the soft, flexible, and non-toxic food containers are keep kids safe!

After cleaning, press down your containers, and they collapse to 50% original size.

Then, stack on top of one another to gain more storage in the same amount of cabinet.

You can also partially collapse the container as you eat the food inside, reducing unneeded fridge clutter.

And keep in mind, although collapsible, they are sturdy and won’t collapse unexpectedly.


The black container seems to show hard water spots rather quickly from washing, but it doesn’t affect performance.

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