Mpow Magnetic Car Mount

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Hi All, We are going to see Mpow Magnetic Car Mount review.


This vehicle mount flaunts a general fit. This implies that it has been worked to hold advanced gadgets of many shifting shapes and sizes. Accordingly, you will locate that this mount is equipped for obliging most present day cell phones. In addition, it can even hold certain more modest tablets set up also.

Mpow Magnetic Car Mount
Mpow Magnetic Car Mount

Magnet Quality

This mount really has a fairly splendid plan. Most importantly, you include four magnets inside the packaging which make an inconceivably ground-breaking attractive field. On top of this, you are given another little attractive plate that can be stuck on your telephone or under your telephone cover. This encourages the telephone to adhere to the mount far better.

The inconvenience, however, is that the subsequent magnet isn’t adequately incredible to enter through thicker telephone covers. In any case, in the occasions where the telephone adheres to the mount well, you can be very sure that it won’t move by any means. This is valid, regardless of whether you are passing through harsher landscape.

Mount Position

This vehicle mount has grasps that permit it to fix onto the air vents of your vehicle. What’s genuinely astounding, however, is that the grasps are planned in a manner to fix onto more slender and thicker cutting edges also. Along these lines, there is a more prominent possibility of this mount being appropriate for most vehicles. Additionally, as the grasps are produced using elastic, you don’t need to stress over your vents being harmed or scratched in any capacity.


As referenced, it is truly easy to slip this mount into the vents and start to utilize it right away. Simultaneously, you will find that it is a breeze to utilize your telephone, even whenever it has been joined to the mount. At the point when fixed, you will experience no difficulty by any means, changing the position or the direction of the mount.


  • Compatible with most telephones and smaller than expected tablets
  • Strong attractive power
  • Easy to fix to vents
  • Can change position of telephone


  • May not work with thicker telephone cases

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