Medela Symphony Breast Pump – Best Hospital Grade Breast Pump

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Medela Symphony Breast Pump was made for intensive use and unless you plan to give it a run for its money, you might want to find a more inexpensive pump. This pump is usually available to rent from the hospital. It uses 2-phase expression technology to help your milk start flowing freely.


Medela Symphony Breast Pump
Medela Symphony Breast Pump

If normal pumps are taking too long to remove your milk, you might want to try this one because it’s designed to express milk quickly. That’s a big deal when you’re breast pumping exclusively and start to feel like you’ve spent half your day hooked up to a breast pump.

You can use this pump for expressing milk from one breast at a time or from both at once. It’s a closed system so you won’t get any backflow of your milk into the tubing and motor. That can cut down on the risk of your baby ingesting mold or nasty bacteria along with their breast milk.


  • These pumps are built to last, and can work for years.
  • It’s so quiet you can barely tell it’s on.
  • It’s sanitary, a closed system.


  • The milk collection bottles and other items you need for this pump are sold separately in a kit.
  • This is a very expensive breast pump.   


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