How to lock personal chat in WhatsApp; step-by-step procedure

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How to lock personal chat in whatsapp

Lock personal chat in WhatsApp: WhatsApp has recently launched a new security feature to protect its users’ privacy and confidential conversations.

lock personal chat in WhatsApp
lock personal chat in WhatsApp

The new ‘Chat Lock’ feature on WhatsApp allows users to lock individual chats with a password or biometric authentication. This feature moves a conversation into a secure folder that can only be accessed using the user’s device password or biometric like a fingerprint. When a chat is locked, the contents of the conversation are also hidden in notifications.

Lock personal chat in WhatsApp

To use the ‘Chat Lock’ feature, users need to ensure that they have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on their Android or iOS devices. Once the update is complete, they can navigate to the chat they want to lock and click on the contact or group profile picture. This will bring up more options, including ‘Chat Lock’. When users enable this feature, they will then have to authenticate using their device’s password or biometrics.

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To access locked chats, users can simply swipe down on their home page to find all of their locked conversations. When they select the chat they want to access, they will be required to authenticate using their phone password or biometrics to unlock the conversation.

WhatsApp has stated that it will be adding more options for Chat Lock in the future, such as locking for companion devices and creating a custom password for chats. This will give users even more control over their conversations and ensure that their private messages are secure.

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