Koomus Car Mount Holder

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Hi Friends, We are going to see Koomus Car Mount Holder review.


The plan and the force of this mount holder imply that it is really viable with a wide range of gadgets. Along these lines, paying little mind to the sort of cell phone you have, you will locate that this holder will be a solid match. This is in spite of the variety in size, shape, and producer.

Koomus Car Mount Holder
Koomus Car Mount Holder

Magnet Quality

Presently, there is no rejecting that the magnets present in this mount are quite solid. These by themselves are sufficient to get most telephones to adhere to them. Be that as it may, this mount has enhanced this component considerably further. This is on the grounds that it likewise gives you a glue metal strip. This permits you to make a considerably more prominent power of fascination between the two gadgets. It is likewise helpful on the off chance that you end up having an exceptionally thick cover over your telephone. You can essentially stick the metal plate onto the cover in this occasion.

Mount Position

Generally, the mount system on this holder – the CD opening element – functions admirably. The lone heartbreaking perspective is that it doesn’t work with such a large number of various types of CD openings. In this way, you must be cautious about whether it is really reasonable for your vehicle. In any case, in the event that it fits you can be very certain that it will give a steady and strong stage for your telephone.


However long the mount is appropriate for your vehicle, you will find that you will have the option to fit it into the CD space without a lot of exertion. In this way, you can utilize it decently fast. Likewise, because of the plan of the vehicle mount, you will see that it is very easy to use too. For a certain something, you will have the option to change the direction of your telephone in practically no time, making it helpful for when you are out and about.


  • Great attractive power
  • Good for most cell phones
  • Can change direction without any problem


  • Doesn’t fit in an excessive number of CD spaces

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