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jiophone Next, the new smartphone from Reliance Jio and Google, priced at Rs 6,499, will be available in the Diwali market.

The 4 G-enabled phone will be available with a deposit of 1,999 rupees and corresponding monthly payments (EMI) of 300-600 rupees for the next 18-24 months.

Customers who choose the installment option receive free daily or monthly data and unlimited voice calls based on their EMIs.

It is considered to be one of the cheapest phones in the world, but the price came as a surprise as it was speculated that it would be under 4,000 rupees.

The phone has some nuanced features like the voice assistant, the reading function, and the voice translator and allows users to share files, photos, or videos without the internet.

While the previous Jio telephones could only be used with one Jio SIM card, the new smartphone has two SIM slots, but with the JioPhone Next the data service will only be available with a Jio SIM card, but customers can use the SIM of other service providers for voice calls.

jiophone Next: Price, Availability                                     

Users must pay an entry price of Rs 1,999 and the rest through Easy EMI for 18/24 months. Or the buyer has the option to prepay 6499 rupees to buy the phone.

JioPhone Next will be available nationwide from Reliance Retail’s JioMart Digital network of retail stores.

How does the cost work out?

Jio offers several plans for those looking to purchase the JioPhone Next. There are four plans available to buyers.

  • Always On Plan: Under this plan, buyers have the option to choose between two EMI plans: Rs 300 for 24 months or Rs 350 for 18 months. Buyers receive 5 GB of data plus 100 minutes per month.
  • Large Plan: Under this plan, buyers can pay Rs 450 or Rs 500 for 24 and 18 months respectively. Buyers get 1.5 GB of data per day along with unlimited voice calls.
  • XL Plan: With this plan, buyers can choose to pay Rs 500 or Rs 550 for 24 months and 18 months, respectively. Buyers get 2GB of data each month and unlimited voice calls.
  • XXL Plan: With this plan, buyers can choose to pay Rs 550 or Rs 6,000 for 24 or 18 months. Buyers get 2.5 GB of data each month and unlimited voice calls.

jiophone Next: Specifications

  • JioPhone Next runs on Pragati OS, an optimized version of Android developed for JioPhone Next. Google and Jio worked closely together to develop this operating system.
  • The JioPhone Next will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 215 processor.
  • The smartphone is expected to have a 5.5-inch screen.
  • It will have a 13-megapixel rear camera and an 8-megapixel front camera for selfies.
  • There will be a dedicated SD card along with a 3.5mm audio jack

JioPhone is a fantastic phone that offers many cool features and benefits. It’s a special phone designed to make your life easier and more fun!

Firstly, JioPhone is super affordable, which means you can enjoy all its amazing features without breaking the bank. It’s perfect for people who want a reliable phone without spending too much money.

One of the best things about JioPhone is that it comes with access to the Jio network. This means you can make calls, send messages, and browse the internet using super-fast 4G LTE speeds. With JioPhone, staying connected with your friends and family has never been easier!

JioPhone also comes with a bunch of pre-installed apps that you’ll love. You can watch your favorite videos on YouTube, listen to music on JioSaavn, and even catch up on the latest news with the JioNews app. Plus, there are tons of other apps available for download from the JioStore, so you’ll never run out of things to do.


Another great feature of JioPhone is its long-lasting battery life. You can go hours without needing to recharge, which is perfect for people who are always on the go. Whether you’re out and about or just relaxing at home, you can count on JioPhone to keep up with your busy lifestyle.

And let’s not forget about the sleek and stylish design of JioPhone. With its compact size and ergonomic keypad, it fits comfortably in your hand and makes texting and calling a breeze. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors, so you can choose the one that suits your personality best.

Overall, JioPhone is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for an affordable, reliable, and feature-packed phone. With its access to the Jio network, pre-installed apps, long-lasting battery life, and stylish design, it’s everything you could want in a phone and more!

JioPhone isn’t just any ordinary phone—it’s a smart feature phone that brings the power of the internet right to your fingertips. With its intuitive interface and user-friendly design, JioPhone makes it easy for anyone to stay connected, entertained, and informed.

One of the standout features of JioPhone is its Voice Assistant. Whether you’re searching for information, setting reminders, or making calls, you can simply use your voice to get things done quickly and easily. This hands-free functionality is perfect for when you’re on the move or multitasking.

Moreover, JioPhone also comes with a powerful camera that lets you capture all of life’s memorable moments in stunning detail. Whether it’s a family gathering, a scenic landscape, or a fun day out with friends, you can snap photos and record videos to cherish and share with loved ones.

But that’s not all—JioPhone also offers a range of entertainment options to keep you entertained wherever you go. From streaming your favorite movies and TV shows on JioTV to playing fun games and listening to music on JioGames and JioMusic, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Additionally, JioPhone supports multiple languages, making it accessible to users from all walks of life. Whether you prefer English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, or any other language, you can easily switch between languages to personalize your experience.

With its affordable price, powerful features, and extensive network coverage, JioPhone is truly a game-changer in the world of mobile technology. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or a senior citizen, JioPhone offers a reliable and convenient way to stay connected and engaged in today’s digital world.

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