JioPhone Next | Rs 6,499 | EMI available at Rs 1,999

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JioPhone Next

JioPhone Next, the new smartphone from Reliance Jio and Google, priced at Rs 6,499, will be available in the Diwali market.

The 4G enabled phone will be available with a deposit of 1,999 rupees and corresponding monthly payments (EMI) of 300-600 rupees for the next 18-24 months.

Customers who choose the installment option receive free daily or monthly data and unlimited voice calls based on their EMIs.

It is considered to be one of the cheapest phones in the world, but the price came as a surprise as it was speculated that it would be under 4,000 rupees.

The phone has some nuanced features like the voice assistant, the reading function and the voice translator and allows users to share files, photos or videos without internet.

While the previous Jio telephones could only be used with one Jio SIM card, the new smartphone has two SIM slots, but with the JioPhone Next the data service will only be available with a Jio SIM card, but customers can use the SIM of other service providers for voice calls.

Jio Phone Next: Price, Availability                                     

Users must pay an entry price of Rs 1,999 and the rest through Easy EMI for 18/24 months. Or the buyer has the option to prepay 6499 rupees to buy the phone.

JioPhone Next will be available nationwide from Reliance Retail’s JioMart Digital network of retail stores.

How does the cost work out?

Jio offers several plans for those looking to purchase the JioPhone Next. There are four plans available to buyers.

  • Always On Plan: Under this plan, buyers have the option to choose between two EMI plans: Rs 300 for 24 months or Rs 350 for 18 months. Buyers receive 5 GB of data plus 100 minutes per month.
  • Large Plan: Under this plan, buyers can pay Rs 450 or Rs 500 for 24 and 18 months respectively. Buyers get 1.5 GB of data per day along with unlimited voice calls.
  • XL Plan: With this plan, buyers can choose to pay Rs 500 or Rs 550 for 24 months and 18 months, respectively. Buyers get 2GB of data each month and unlimited voice calls.
  • XXL Plan: With this plan, buyers can choose to pay Rs 550 or Rs 6,000 for 24 or 18 months. Buyers get 2.5 GB of data each month and unlimited voice calls.

Jio Phone Next: Specifications

Jio Phone Next: Specifications
  • JioPhone Next runs on Pragati OS, an optimized version of Android developed for JioPhone Next. Google and Jio worked closely together to develop this operating system.
  • The JioPhone Next will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 215 processor.
  • The smartphone is expected to have a 5.5-inch screen.
  • It will have a 13-megapixel rear camera and an 8-megapixel front camera for selfies.
  • There will be a dedicated SD card along with a 3.5mm audio jack

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