Apple plans to launch iPhones with USB Type-C port

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iPhones with USB Type-C port

iPhones with USB Type-C port: Due to Apple’s plans to introduce a customized USB Type-C port, you won’t be able to charge your iPhone with an Android charger. The app will be exclusive to iPhones.

iPhones with USB Type-C port
Apple iPhones with USB type C-Port

Apple was left with no choice but to include a USB Type-C port in its iPhones. As per the order by the European Union last year. However, there is a huge curve ball. The customized USB Type-C connector will be specially made for iPhones and won’t be compatible with Android chargers. It’s already been implemented in both its MacBooks and iPads. Apple has officially confirmed that it will also feature on their upcoming iPhones.

iPhones with USB Type-C port

Apple has agreed to follow the EU’s ruling. Still, according to a recent statement released on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, the company is looking to complicate matters by introducing a USB Type-C port with an exclusive IC interface. It appears that iPhones will still need to be charged using their own custom Lightning port. Which has an authentication process built in – as no other chargers will be compatible.

Android charger may not work with it: iPhones with USB Type-C port

Rumour has it that Apple may implement a custom IC chip on their USB-C port. Whatever that means for other accessories that aren’t part of the “Made for iPhone” program remains to be seen. It’s possible that fast charging and data transfer speeds may be restricted. But the real consequences cannot be certain until further investigation. Furthermore, the European Union might have something to say if this amendment to the USB-C becomes a compromise of its mission as a universal interface.

iPhones with USB Type-C port: A senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Apple, Greg Joswiak, told The Wall Street Journal’s Tech Live conference in October that the rule will “obviously” have to be followed. When asked whether Apple would switch to a USB Type C port in accordance with the EU directive, Joswiak replied, “We have no choice.”

A standard USB Type C charging port will also be made mandatory for smartphone makers. By March 2025 by the Indian government. According to Rohit Kumar Singh, Secretary to the Department of Consumer Affairs, BIS has notified standards for Type-C chargers, and the government will develop two types of common charging ports for mobile phones and wearable electronic devices.

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