Benefits of Steam Inhalation : How to use steam Inhaler

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Hi Every one, All are having doubts about steam inhaler. Here we are going to discuss Benefits of Steam Inhalation, How to Use a Steam Inhaler to Relieve Congestion? How to Choose the Right Steam Inhaler? Safety Tips to Remember When Using a Steam Inhaler.

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Benefits of Steam Inhalation
Benefits of Steam Inhalation

Benefits of Steam Inhalation

Steam inhalation or steam therapy is a common home remedy that provides a lot of benefits

Provides temporary relief:

Although steam inhalers do not cure any infection, they help in relieving the symptoms of cold, cough, sinus, allergies, and other respiratory problems. The warm and moist steam eases the swollen blood vessels and irritation from the nasal passages.

Natural and safe:

Most of the steam inhalers use only water, which is converted to steam. Steam inhalers are safe for use by both children and adults as no chemical substances are involved.


Steam inhalation also helps in relaxing the throat muscles and clearing congestion. It can also be used for facial spa treatment to open the pores, brighten the skin, and relax facial muscles.

How to Use a Steam Inhaler to Relieve Congestion?

The modern-day inhaling machines or devices are easy to use. You need to just

  • Set up the machine. If it is powered by batteries, insert them. And if it is powered by a cable, plug it.
  • Pour water in the machine and put a vaporizer if required. Some devices have a separate slot for the vaporizer pads.
  • Switch it on. You will notice the steam after a few minutes.
  • Inhale for about 15 to 20 minutes, and you would find a positive difference.

How to Choose the Right Steam Inhaler?

  • There are different kinds of steam inhalers available in the market. You need to pick one as per your requirements.
  • Convenience: Choose a machine that has an ergonomic design. It should be easy to set up and easy to hold. Inhalers that require only water and take only a few minutes to provide the steam could be easy to use.
  • Size: You may find both big and small steam inhalers. Try to choose a compact inhaler that can be easily transported and stored as well.
  • Purpose: Some inhalers are designed only for relieving cold and cough symptoms, while some are made for facials. However, a few can be used for both purposes. Ask yourself if you need a multipurpose inhaler and then pick the suitable option.

Safety Tips to Remember When Using a Steam Inhaler

Here are some safety measures that you need to keep in mind when using a steam inhaling machine.

  • Keep the machine on a steady table and not on your lap or shaky surface.
  • Keep your eyes closed to avoid irritation.
  • Make sure that there are no pets or children around when you are taking steam therapy.
  • Choose a safe steam inhalation machine (with a mask or with an enclosed surface) when you are using it for children.

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