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Hi Friends, We are going to discuss best wireless chargers. Wireless charging isn’t nearly as cool as it sounds. It’s not exactly wireless—a cord runs from an outlet to the charging pad—and it won’t charge your smartphone faster than plugging it in with a good ol’ cord.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Use a Wireless Charger?

Not all phones support wireless charging, so look up your phone model first. You’ll usually see “Qi wireless charging” (the default standard) or simply “wireless charging” if it does.

  • Wireless chargers can work with cases?

Most wireless chargers can charge through cases, unless it’s a particularly thick case. Check the product listing—there’s usually a case thickness limit in millimeters. Phones can get hot when charging wirelessly, so don’t worry if your phone is really warm when you pick it up. Most smartphones have limits to stop accepting a charge if they get too hot.

  • Cords will charge your phone faster?

Some manufacturers like Apple and OnePlus make wireless chargers that recharge their respective phones faster than others, but if you’re looking for speed, you’re better off sticking with a cord. Wireless charging is best for desks or nightstands when you’re not really using your phone or in a rush to recharge it.

  • Wireless charging is harmful?

You may have concerns about safety or worry the phone’s battery might degrade faster with wireless charging, but there’s no evidence to that effect. Manufacturers set safe limits for phone batteries, stipulating how much a battery can be charged and how far it can discharge. Regardless of the charging source you use, whether you plug into a wall adapter or use a wireless charging pad, these limits can’t be overridden. There’s no risk of overcharging your phone by leaving it on a wireless charger all night.

However, try to keep your battery between 50 and 80 percent for optimum battery health. Keeping your phone fully charged or fully discharging the battery will degrade it slightly faster, and regularly swinging between full and empty will shorten its life span. Battery technology has improved in recent years, and phone batteries are more reliable than ever. If you switch phones every two to three years or don’t mind paying a modest fee for a battery replacement on that timescale, it’s not worth worrying too much about how often or when you charge your phone.

1. Native Union Dock Wireless Charger

Native Union Dock Wireless Charger
best wireless chargers

The large circular fabric looks nice, plus the steel base and silicone grips prevent it from wobbling or sliding around.

The LED is on the back of the charger. In a dark room, it emits a very faint glow, enough to make sure it’s charging,

You can charge in landscape or portrait orientation.

No power adapter is included, but you do get a 6.5-foot-long USB-A to USB-C cable.

Compatible with iPhones and Android phones

2. Anker PowerWave Pad and Stand

Anker PowerWave Pad and Stand

Anker’s pad and stand prove you don’t need to spend much for wireless charging.

They’re both made from plastic with a rubbery finish on the bottom to prevent slips and slides, though it’s not too grippy.

A tiny LED lights up blue when it’s charging and flashes to indicate there’s a problem.

We prefer stands over pads, because you can easily see your phone notifications, but Anker’s pad is so cheap you could grab a few to scatter in various spots around the home.

Both come with a 4-foot Micro USB cable, but you have to supply your own power adapter.

Compatible with iPhones and Android phones

3. Google Pixel Stand

Google Pixel Stand

Google’s Pixel Stand might look like a straightforward wireless charger.

It doesn’t take up much room, the soft-touch finish keeps it still, and the corrugated ridge means the phone stays put.

There’s a tiny LED on the front, but it illuminates from underneath the silicone, so it’s barely visible.

It’s best paired with a Google Pixel, because it’ll immediately turn into a smart display of sorts. You can have it show photos from Google Photos albums on the lock screen, get speedy access to Google Assistant, have it trigger a bedtime mode that toggles on Do Not Disturb, and even have the screen light up bright orange to mimic the sunrise just before your alarm.

Compatible with iPhones and Android phones

4. iOttie Wireless Car Charger

 iOttie Wireless Car Charger

This versatile car mount from iOttie comes in two flavors, a suction cup for dashboard or windshield, or a CD or vent mount that clips into place.

Adjust the height of the feet so your phone is always in the sweet spot for charging.

The arms close around your phone automatically when it hits the trigger on the back of the mount, so you can place your phone one-handed, and a release bar extends on either side, so you can take your phone out again.

The mount has a Micro USB port to plug the supplied cable into; just stick the other end in your car’s power socket.

It handily includes a second USB-A port you can use to charge another phone.

Compatible with iPhones and Android phones

5. Samsung Wireless Charger Duo Pad

Samsung Wireless Charger Duo Pad

There are a lot of wireless chargers with attachments to charge an Apple Watch, but the same can’t be said for Samsung’s smart watches.

If you own a Galaxy Watch, this dual charger is more convenient than its tiny puck.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watches are Qi-enabled, but they require a much smaller coil, so not all charging pads work. 

The watch recharges on the right side, and your phone on the left. It can juice up select Samsung phones slightly faster than other phones.

Slower 5-W charging for iPhones and Android phones, fast 12-W charging for Samsung phones

6. Oakywood HeadphoEWEWne Stand with Wireless Charger

Oakywood HeadphoEWEWne Stand with Wireless Charger

Oakywood’s 2-in-1 has a base made from your choice of solid walnut or oak, and it looks gorgeous.

Place your phone on it and it’ll recharge just as well as any other charger on this list.

The steel stand makes for a nice place to hang up your cans when you’re done for the day.

If you don’t care for the stand but like the look of the charger, the company sells it separately.

Compatible with iPhones and Android phones

7. Razer Charging Pad Chroma                    

There’s a tendency to add RGB LEDs to every single component that goes into building a gaming PC. You can then customize all the shiny lights into any color imaginable, or just stick with a rotation of rainbow unicorn vomit.

Whatever you opt for, this wireless charger is the next natural addition to your battle station. It has a nice soft-touch finish (though it picks up dust and lint easily).

The best part is the ring of LEDs around the base. Install Razer’s Chroma software and you’ll be able to customize the pattern and color, and sync it to any other Razer Chroma peripheral you own for all the RGB glory.

Compatible with iPhones and Android phones

8. STM Goods PowerKick

STM Goods PowerKick

It’s made of plastic and silicone, with a fun grey, beige, and orange color scheme.

There’s a kickstand on the back, four LEDs to check power level, as well as a USB-A and USB-C port to charge your devices via a wire.

But turn it around and you’ll see two dozen suction cups! You can wirelessly charge your phone here; just push it on the suction cups and it’ll stay put. The caveat is that the suction cups might not work with your case.

It’s ideal if you want to leave your power bank and a phone charging on top of it in your bag instead of carrying both around.

Compatible with iPhones and Android phones

9. Moshi Lounge Q

Moshi Lounge Q

It’s wrapped in a fabric material that looks lovely, and the metal base has a silicone grip at the bottom so it hardly slides around.

What makes it special is that the charging pad can slide down the metal stand when you want to switch to charging in landscape orientation—the phone sits at a nice viewing angle.

Better yet, the LED light is on the back of the right side of the pad, so it’s nearly invisible from the front, which might help easily distracted sleepers.

No power adapter is included.

Compatible with iPhones, fast 15-W charging supported for Android phones

10. iOttie iON Wireless Duo

iOttie iON Wireless Duo

It looks nice— the fabric—wrapped stand—and you can charge another device on the rubberized charging pad next to it.

The stand can be used in portrait or landscape, though in the latter orientation it’ll block the pad.

A cable and adapter are included in the box, which makes it good value.

Compatible with iPhones and Android phones

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