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Fortunately, we now have many free online courses that allow us to do what we want from the comfort of our own home and most importantly, we can take these courses online alongside regular education or work. Courses and you will also receive certification upon completion. So here are free online courses that you can take any time


1. Programming

Programming is an essential part of creating a website. There are several programming languages ​​one can learn from. Programmers basically code algorithms in programming languages ​​to run a program successfully. If you are interested in solving complex algorithms, learn to code online and help solve complex code in the backend to run programs smoothly on the front end of a website.

2. App Development                   

Free Online Courses

Learn about online application development and create innovative applications that help people in their daily lives.

3. Human Resource Management

Free Online Courses

If you think you have good management skills, especially the ability to lead and align with people in the workplace, give human resource management a try. This is an area where job demand will always be high and show that your position can be rewarding.

4. Creative Writing       

If you can weave stories into your head with anything and everything, you can take creative writing classes online. Creative writing courses are really helpful in shaping your thought process to develop wonderfully written articles and stories that are worth reading. As a freelance writer for various websites or a job at a renowned creative agency.

5. Online MBA                      


Free Online Courses

Online MBA programs are very popular these days, especially for working professionals who cannot afford a full-time MBA. Several prestigious institutes offer online MBA programs whose curriculum is identical to that of full-time MBA programs, with the only difference being that the online MBA courses are shorter and have flexible hours to make the work of professionals easier.

6. Graphic Designing

If you have a creative mind, especially when it comes to expressing ideas through sketches and designs, try out Photoshop and other popular graphic design software and learn how to create creative websites and more.

7. Big Data Analysis        

Free Online Courses

By learning to analyze data, you can help organizations make better business decisions by analyzing transactional data and other forms of data that traditional business intelligence programs may otherwise not be able to track. There are many organizations and business schools online that offer big data and business analysis courses that teach you how to create, test, and analyze data.

8. Social Media Marketing

When you have a business, you need to let the world know and how best to get the information out other than through social media. It’s social media marketing and since everyone is social these days, what could be the best way to reach out to your target audience if not through social media marketing?

9. Foreign Language Courses         

Free Online Courses

Learning a foreign language can add brownie points to your resume. In addition, it will help you improve your vocabulary and interaction skills. With the online courses offered, learning any foreign language of your choice is no longer a distant goal. To register for your favorite foreign language courses soon. Learning foreign languages ​​can also help you get the job of a translator.

10. Film Making

For those interested in what goes on behind the camera, they can sign up for an online filmmaking course and learn the basics. People who have always been enthusiastic about filmmaking but have not had a career in this field can take an online short-term course and practice directing their own short and feature films.

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