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Hi Friends, We are going to discuss websites for government exam preparation. Preparing for central exams and tests is a real hassle. It takes an incredible amount of dedication and hard work. Fortunately, there are tons of websites to explore that offer exceptional guides and resources to help you prepare well. They can help you learn key concepts, solve old quizzes, practice test. You can focus on topics that are difficult for you.

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Get personalized learning, study key topics, solve questionnaires, and take quizzes and online courses for every state exam you want to pass. Here is a list of the best websites to help you prepare for state exams:

websites for government exam
websites for government exam


With the Testbook series of assessments, practice questions, test tests, online courses and a specialized trainer. You can prepare for SSC and rail, banking and insurance, defense and police, SCC and other government exams. The website and app have a simple user interface and the YouTube channel offers live classes daily. The quiz series user interface has simulated quiz questions that allow you to practice each topic in detail. In addition, the one-month subscription gives students access to a wide range of online courses and test suites.

2. EduGorilla

Replicated bilingual tests, speed tests, section exams, and test suites cover over a thousand competitive and government exams. EduGorilla also focuses on state competition exams in various vernacular languages. In addition to the training, students can also get answers to questions related to the course of the subject. Experts with cutting and performance analysis of all test attempts. And also the website includes books, simulated interviews, daily news, current events. And also custom test sets (in your chosen domain) on the app or website.

3. UPSC Pathshala: websites for government exam

With more than 10 lakh students taking UPSC exams each year, the focus among applicants on testing and exam preparation has increased. You can enroll on the UPSC Pathshala website for personal consultation, trial tests, free prep video lectures, and more. Also offers pre-test series, online courses to prepare for the civil service examination with tutoring and tips on selection for the interview. You can choose your UPSC prep plan, apply for a scholarship, and inquire through the chat box.

4. Udemy      

Enhance your officials with critical skills by filling talent gaps and also helping them advance in their careers. Top experts from around the world help students prepare for civil service exams, IBPS PO entrance test bench, quantitative aptitude tests for banks, railways and others. Competitive exams. The Udemy portal includes courses developed by certified government experts that take three hands-on tests. The courses have lifetime access that is available on various devices and operating systems.

5. Gradeup

Prepare for exams, get online training with test suites, daily general knowledge (GK) updates, practice test tests and solve quizzes with the Gradeup website. CAT, MBA, NET, NDA exams, etc. The website offers live video and interactive courses with different curricula and practices, as well as different study materials, quizzes with different patterns to train students for different levels of difficulty, and mock tests. You can even cut prices by as much as 100% on almost all video courses and test tests by using Live Coupons from Gradeup right now.

6. EduBull

In addition to free study materials and video tutorials for regulatory and competitive online exams, the EduBull website offers courses on a variety of topics including civil service preparation, campus location, skills development and more. You can register on the website, choose your age group, courses from the trend categories and train yourself through daily tests or quizzes. You can purchase an online learner pass to access all free courses, study with interactive resources, use reference books and sample papers.

7. MakeMyExam

Get video conferencing, daily quizzes, exam prep books and tests, simulated documents, interactive quizzes, old quizzes, daily GK and more for Banks, SSC, IBPS PO, SBI Employees, CAT, Classes, Insurance and all government exams with The MakeMyExam also offers daily courses and expert videos, weekly question and answer sessions, regular lesson assignments, exam preparation based on the latest templates, tips for improving vocabulary, current topics and other educational assistance in the form of tips.

8. Pariksha Adda

Started as an initiative to provide learning resources for exam candidates, the Pariksha Adda Academy and website are now trailblazers in helping students apply for PCS, SSC, banking and other government agencies virtual mentors that focus on key concepts, chapters and questions focus, the site offers a unique learning experience and in-depth performance analysis to help students understand which areas to focus on.

9. Unacademy

Study for exams like NEET, UPSC CSE, IAS, IIT JEE and more to get a good score with Unacademy (use more subscriptions for additional benefits) You can contact teachers directly to clear up doubts, solve questionnaires and test series, Access interactive live classes and learn key topics with top educators. The user interface of the mobile app offers a classroom-like live experience, so you can easily focus on all topics. You can also get in touch with mentors and clarify all inquiries personally.

10. Adda 247

In addition to live online courses, printed books, test tests, online training and test series to prepare for SSC CGL, Adda247’s YouTube channel supports students in preparing for further education, banking and other government exams. The mobile app also includes free videos, live courses, test tests, and more. With the Adda247 subscription you can access unlimited live classes, tests, e-books, study materials for various subjects and content in video formats. The website also hosts webinars and provides exam candidates with current topic updates.

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