Gas cylinder price reduced; Good news for customers

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Gas cylinder price reduced

Gas cylinder price reduced: LPG Prices Slashed, Commercial Cylinders Reduced by Rs 171.5 per Kg

Consumers across India have received some much-needed relief from the skyrocketing prices of LPG cylinders as petroleum and oil marketing companies have reduced the price of commercial LPG cylinders by Rs 171.50 per kg. This revision is effective immediately and applies only to commercial LPG cylinders, with domestic LPG cylinder prices remaining the same.

Gas cylinder price reduced
Gas cylinder price reduced

Revised Prices in Major Cities

The revised price of a 19 kg commercial LPG cylinder in Delhi is Rs 1,856.50, down from Rs 1,980. In Mumbai, the price has been reduced to Rs 1,808 from the earlier Rs 1,980. Similarly, in Kolkata, the revised price is Rs 1,960.50, down from Rs 2,132, and in Chennai, it is Rs 2,021, down from Rs 2,192.

Price Fluctuations: Gas cylinder price reduced

Compared to domestic LPG cylinders, the prices of commercial gas cylinders tend to fluctuate more frequently. Last month, the rate of commercial gas cylinders was reduced by Rs 92. On the first day of the fiscal year 2024. In March, the prices of commercial LPG cylinders were hiked by Rs 350.50 per unit. While domestic LPG cylinders increased by Rs 50 per unit.

In January, the price was raised by Rs 25. Domestic LPG cylinder prices were hiked four times and reduced three times. On September 1 last year, the prices of commercial LPG cylinders were reduced by Rs 91.50. And in August, it was reduced by Rs 36. In July, the rates were cut by Rs 8.5 per unit.

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Gas cylinder price reduced: The reduced prices are likely to provide relief to consumers who have been struggling with the rising price of LPG cylinders for a long time. The government is expected to check the situation and take further steps to guarantee that prices remain stable.

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