Key Features of Magnetic phone car mount

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One of the primary things you should decide when buying an attractive telephone vehicle mount is whether the item is viable with your gadget. Most cell magnet mounts work with both iPhone and Android gadgets. Not all holders, nonetheless, work with certain telephone cases, for example, an Otterbox, which is additional thick.

Features of Magnetic phone mount
Features of Magnetic phone mount


Some attractive versatile holders for vehicles are simpler to introduce than others. Those that use cement might be hard to eliminate when you’re done with the holder. They additionally may need as long as 24 hours for the glue to settle before they can safely hold a telephone.


A decent attractive dashboard phone holder won’t scrape up or harm your vehicle or your gadget. A few items are made of materials, for example, silicon that forestall scratches on your telephone. Others have properties, for example, elastic clasps, that secure your air vents or CD spaces from getting scratched.

Different Considerations

Turning capacity:

you need the capacity to pivot your telephone on an attractive vehicle mount, ensure the item can turn. A holder with a swiveling appendage, for instance, will offer a 360-degree pivot, so both the driver and travelers can turn the mount to see the screen.

Viability on rough streets:

If you drive routinely over potholes or on lopsided streets, guarantee that the attractive telephone mount can withstand uneven conditions. On the off chance that the magnet isn’t sufficient, you will continually need to battle to keep your telephone connected to the holder. A few items highlight uncompromising magnets and are better prepared to hold telephones during harsh street conditions.

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