Types of Cloth Diapers | Reasons to Buy Cloth Diapers

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We are going to discuss Types of cloth Diapers. Cloth diapers seem intimidating at first glance. There’s a pretty steep learning curve with all of the new jargon and adjustments that come with changing cloth diapers. But once you’ve tried a few different types and brands, many parents learn to love them and couldn’t imagine going back to disposable items. We’ve put together the best cloth diapers for your baby’s bum, and we’ve covered everything you need to know.

Types of Cloth Diapers
Types of Cloth Diapers

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Reasons to Consider Cloth Diapers

  • Stop wasting your money on disposables and save big on cloth diapers.
  • Cloth diapers do not contain the harmful chemicals found in most disposable diapers and can lead to health problems such as diaper rash, endocrine disruption, and possibly even cancer.
  • By using cloth diapers, you can help reduce landfill waste, protect our waterways and conserve resources.
  • Because cloth diapers do not have these absorbent chemical polymers your child can feel moisture on their skin which gives them an incentive to use the potty.
  • The cuteness factor of the fabric will get you hooked in no time at all, with all the patterns and prints that go with cloth diapers, your baby will look elegant for any occasion to look like.

Different Types of Cloth Diapers

These are the seven most popular types of cloth diapers, with the pros and cons of each.

1) Prefolds: A rectangular piece of cotton divided into three sections, the center of which is the most absorbent, fold in thirds and place in a diaper cover, or get creative with your origami folds and secure with a brooch or brooch Diaper needle such as burp cloths, towel changers and cleaning cloths.Extremely cost-effective.Easy to care for.Versatile.  Need pins or a Snappi. Requires a cover. Folding can be a deterrent for some parents.  
2) Flats: Flats are a square or rectangular layer of cotton that can be folded around your baby in many different ways. They hold up well in a mess when used with a cloth diaper cover.Cost-effective.Trim.Dry quickly.  Needs pins or a Snappi. Requires a cover. More difficult for others to change baby.  
3) Covers: This is a waterproof outer diaper that covers an absorbent inner diaper, such as a pre-folded, flat, or fitted diaper. Some parents even wear them over disposable diapers to prevent late-night leakage. Diaper covers are available in a variety of styles and fabrics, such as wool, fleece, or PUL (polyester urethane laminate).Can be reused multiple times before washing. Don’t need as many to complete your diaper stash. Excellent leak protection.Snap or velcro closures.  Sold separately from absorbent diapers. Some options are bulky.  
4) AIO (All-in-one):
All-in-one go further in one simple step and are closest to single-use items in form and function. AIOs are a one-piece system that includes all the components of a diaper: waterproof exterior, absorbent interior, elasticated waist and legs, and a locking mechanism.
No stuffing or folding involved.No separate cover required. Daycare friendly.Snap or velcro closures.  Can take a long time to dry. Damage to one part of the diaper renders the entire thing.  
5) AI2 (All-in-Two): All-in-twos consists of a waterproof outer layer and a removable absorbent inner layer that usually clicks into place and rests directly against your baby’s skin. A dirty insert can be changed and the outer cover cleaned and reused a few times before washing.Super simple. Dries quickly. Can use the cover with other inserts if necessary.Snap or velcro closures.  Matching inserts with the cover adds time to laundry. Don’t have a stay-dry feeling.  
6) Fitteds: Fitteds is an absorbent fabric with elastics at the waist and legs and with zippers.Super-absorbent.Great at containing leaks and blowouts.No pins or folding required.Snap or velcro closures.Needs a cover. Don’t wick moisture away from the skin.  
7) Pockets: Pocket diapers are a two-part system, consisting of a waterproof outer cover with a sewn-in pocket and absorbent inserts that must be saved. Most of the time, the bags are sold with inserts, but when sold separately you can always “fill in” your bags with pre-creased, flat, or even microfiber towels.Adjustable absorbency.Velcro and snap closures. Stay dry layer between inserts and your baby’s skin. Pre-stuffed diapers are easy for daddy and other caregivers.  The entire diaper must be changed after each use. Have to remove the soiled insert before washing. Stuffing pockets can be time-consuming.  

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