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Hi Friends, We are going to discuss CHOOSE THE BEST KETTLEBELL SIZE. Kettlebell training is a frequent weightlifting exercise among many people. Therefore, selecting the kettlebell’s right size is inevitable because it helps you attain the training’s full benefits and prevent injury.

In this article, we’ll cover how to choose the right kettlebells weight regardless of your fitness level, gender, experience, and age.

choose best kettlebell size
choose best kettlebell size

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Correct Kettlebell Size?

It is essential to consider certain factors when choosing the right kettlebell size. These factors are:

  1. The type of kettlebell exercises you want to undergo: Ballistic vs. Grind exercises
  2. Your weightlifting experiences
  3. Your workout goals
  4. Age and current fitness level
  5. Kettlebell quality
  6. Handle diameter

1. Ballistic vs. Grind Exercises

There are two types of kettlebell exercise, the ballistic and grind exercises. Each with its kettlebell size recommendation and uniqueness.

Ballistic Exercises

Ballistic exercises are also known as explosive exercises. It is the type of work out that simulates the everyday ballistic movement in humans. It involves throwing and jumping. The ballistic exercise has two stages:

  • A stage that requires the exertion of energy
  • A stage under the influence of gravitational force

Whether you are jumping or throwing, the type of movement you undergo determines the stage you will experience first.

Examples of ballistic exercise include:

  • Kettlebell Swings
  • Kettlebell Snatches
  • Kettlebell Cleans

The recommended kettlebell size for this type of training should be between the following weight ranges:

  • 35lbs (16kg) and 53lbs (24kg) kettlebells for men
  • 18lbs (8kg) and 35lbs (16kg) kettlebells for women

These weights apply to men and women above 18 years of age.

Grind Exercises

Grind exercise is a controlled form of movement, and it is often slower than ballistic exercise. It is defined as a grind because it requires a lot of dedication and constant training.

Grind exercise is perfect for all levels of fitness and involves less stress. Examples of grind exercises include presses, deadlift, which consists of many varieties such as bent press, windmills, Turkish get-up.

The recommended kettlebell sizes fall between:

  • 18lbs (8kg) and 44lbs (20kg) for men
  • 13lbs (6kg) and 26lbs (12kg) for women

These weights apply to men and women above 18 years of age.

2. Your weightlifting experiences

You should consider making the right kettlebell size choice based on your weightlifting experience.

 Kettlebell Size (Male)Kettlebell Size (Female)
Beginner35lbs (16kg)18lbs (8kg)
Intermediate44lbs (20kg)26lbs (12kg)
Advanced53lbs (24kg)35lbs (16kg)

3. Consider Your Workout Goals

The reason for undergoing weight training contributes immensely to the success of the practice. Because it influences the type of exercise you need and the kettlebell size for your goal.

Among the goals of many kettlebell trainers include:

  • Loss of weight
  • Gaining strength
  • The building of muscle
  • Flexibility
  • Burning of fat
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Balance and Coordination

The purpose of kettlebell exercise for many young and adult weight trainers is balance and coordination. This is possible because of the dynamic movement involved in the training. The progressive movement increases body balance and coordination.

To attain balance and coordination, the recommended kettlebell sizes are:

Kettlebells between 18lbs (8kg) and 26lbs (12kg) for women.

Kettlebells between 26lbs (12kg) and 44lbs (20kg) for men. 

4. Consider Your Age and Current Fitness Level

Whenever you want to choose a kettlebell size most suitable for your exercise, you should consider the age and current fitness level. Different age groups should use different kettlebell sizes that will not lead to injury during the training.

Your current fitness level, measured by the bench press strength, determines the kettlebell’s size. For example, if your bench press strength is below 200lbs (91kg), you will use kettlebell sizes for beginners. In contrast, people with bench press strength above 200lbs (91kg) will use kettlebell intended for intermediate and advanced level individuals.

To give your kid a taste of the kettlebell exercise, you should select the best kettlebell’s size. The kettlebell size recommended for kids is based on their age, and the recommended dimensions are:

Kettlebell size between 5-8lbs (2-3kg) for kids of age 5-8years.

Kettlebell size between 5-15lbs (2-7kg) for kids of age 9-11years.

Kettlebell size between 10-20lbs (4.5-9kg) for kids of age 10-20years.

The recommended kettlebell sizes for adult falls between 24-35lbs (11-16kg) for men, while the recommended size for women falls between 13-18lbs (6-8kg).

The joint health of seniors determines the kettlebell size recommended for them. However, the specified kettlebell size for an average senior male is 20-26lbs (9-12kg). The kettlebell size of 15-18lbs (7-8kg) is suitable for an average senior female.

5. Kettlebell Quality

The quality of your kettlebell contributes to the success of your kettlebell exercise. Therefore, selecting the best kettlebell quality is necessary.

To determine the quality of the kettlebell, ensure that you consider the following parameters:

  • Kettlebell Smoothness
  • Kettlebell Window

6. Consider the Handle Diameter

You need to consider the kettlebell’s handle diameter because the diameter also aids you in your exercise. You may want a kettlebell with a thinner handle diameter. In comparison, your friend may wish to get a kettlebell with a thicker handle diameter.

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