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We are going to discuss media streaming device. There are many ways to view online content on your TV. Your TV may have apps or a Bluray player or gaming system connected to built-in streaming services. If neither of the above applies, or if your TV, Bluray player, or gaming system doesn’t have exactly the media capabilities you want, you can purchase a dedicated streaming media hub. Most media streamers allow you to configure your TV to local streaming media service you need.

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Four platforms stand out among the media streamers currently available: Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV and Roku. Whichever you choose, each one gives you access to many of the most popular music and video streaming services available.

Resolution is another important factor to consider. All of the above platforms offer options for Ultra High Definition (4K) and HDR content. Check out the list above for the top rated media streamers that we tested. Media streaming platforms.

1. Amazon Fire TV Cube (2019)

The second generation Amazon Fire TV Cube improves the media streaming capabilities and hands-free control of Alexa from the first version with faster performance and expanded HDR support.

Fire TV Cube lets you put the remote control away and immerse yourself in your favorite movies and series with the sound of your voice. Just say from across the room and Alexa will respond to your request.

The Fire TV Cube has eight microphones that you can hear from any direction, so you can easily ask Alexa to adjust the volume or mute your compatible TV or soundbar. Fire TV Cube lets you control your compatible cable and satellite box. Included if you want to control your TV without sound. Brands this product is compatible with include Samsung, Sony, LG, Vizio, Comcast, DISH, and DIRECTV / ATandT Uverse.

With Alexa on Fire TV Cube you can control a variety of devices via cloud, infrared (IR) and HDMICEC, with more being added all the time.

Streaming to Fire TV is easy and intuitive. It all starts with the main menu, which is where you can quickly access your favorite content. Search hundreds of channels and apps to find what you want to see. Enjoy personalized streaming with profiles, recommendations, viewing history and watch lists for every person in your household.


Amazon Fire TV Cube (2019) Specs: MEDIA STREAMING DEVICE

HDRDolby Vision, HDR10
PlatformAmazon Fire OS
Voice AssistantAmazon Alexa


  • Hands-free Alexa voice support
  • Infrared blaster can control your home theater by voice
  • Fast performance
  • Supports all major HDR formats


  • Expensive compared with smaller 4K media streamers

2. Roku Streaming Stick+

The Roku Streaming Stick + is a small and affordable media streamer that can stream 4K and HDR10 content to your TV.

Powerful and portable 4K and HDR streaming with long-range wireless connection. The powerful and portable Roku Streaming Stick + is equipped with a wireless long-range receiver for 4x the range and brilliant HD, 4K and HDR image quality. Signal for smooth streaming even in rooms that are furthest away from your router. The included voice remote control has buttons to turn on your TV, adjust volume, mute and scan channels with your voice. With easy access to free TV, live news, sports, movies, and more on hundreds of free channels, there’s so much free to enjoy.

It’s a glossy black plastic tube that measures 3.4 x 0.8 x 0.5 inches (HWD) and has an HDMI connector on one end. The last inch of the stick is covered with matte black plastic and contains the unique LED display, a reset button and a mini USB port.

The streamlined design of the Streaming Stick + is due, among other things, to the new wireless system: Roku moved the WLAN antenna array onto the power cord, a 14-inch cable with a striking 3.3-inch bar that plugs into this built in mid-length. The inline antenna quadruples the radio range of the Streaming Stick + compared to the normal model. Since 14 inches is too short for a power cord and you still need to plug the device into a self-powered USB port, the Roku includes a 42-inch extension cord and a USB wall. Adapter.

Best Media Streaming Device

The supplied remote control is hardly different from the remote control that came with last year’s Streaming Stick. It’s a matte black 5.6-inch plastic magic wand with domed sides, characterized by an eye-catching purple address box near the top and a purple fabric tag with the Roku logo across the top. A microphone button under the steering wheel activates the voice search via the whole microphone in the upper area. Playback controls are under the microphone and menu buttons, including four dedicated service buttons for Hulu, Netflix, PlayStation Vue, and Sling TV. There is a volume control on the right edge.

Building on the current wave of Roku media streamers, you can now control the power and volume of your TV directly from the remote control. The connected media streamer (in this case the Streaming Stick +) recognizes the television connected via HDMI and instructs the remote control to activate and switch on the volume settings of the television with the corresponding infrared commands. It’s a handy little extra that means you don’t have to reach for your TV remote control when you want to adjust the volume.

With the Roku app you can control the Streaming Stick + with your mobile device. In addition to private listening, you can use voice search and enter text through the app. However, it also enables screen mirroring and local media playback using the Play on Rokuku function, these functions are not available. It’s not as easy or convenient as using Google Cast with a Chromecast.



  • Affordable
  • Snappy performance
  • Powerful Wi-Fi
  • Supports 4K video with HDR10
  • Lots of content available in the Roku Channel Store


  • No Dolby Vision HDR support
  • Voice search is much more limited than on other media streamers


TiVo Stream 4K is a great media streamer that uses Android TV and TiVo’s own user interface for a full, TV-centric viewing experience.

TiVo Stream 4K provides a central place to find, search, and create watch lists across all of your applications.

TiVo recommends your upcoming favorite shows and movies based on what you love, not where you live.

The power of the voice control makes it easier to find programs. With the built-in Google Assistant, you can start apps, dim lights, and more.

TiVo Stream 4K includes Netflix, Prime Video, Disney +, Peacock and many more to get you to your shows quickly.

TiVo Stream 4K Specs

HDRDolby Vision, HDR10
PlatformAndroid TV
Voice AssistantGoogle Assistant


  • Affordable
  • Android TV and Google Assistant functionality
  • Live TV support through Locast and Sling
  • Supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision


  • TiVo Stream and stock Android TV interfaces aren’t quite as sleek as competitors
  • Remote is a little clunky

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