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If you don’t have time to go to the beautician?. Then you must have a good manicure and pedicure kit at home. It is an easy way to take care of your nails at home.

We have compiled a list of the best manicure and pedicure kits in India that you may need. Available for purchase in 2021.

1. Huda Beauty Manicure And Pedicure Kit 16 Tools Set Nail Clippers Stainless Steel Professional Nail Scissors Grooming Kits, Nail Tools With Leather Case -Color May Very Black/Red

Manicure And Pedicure Kit
  • This manicure kit is made of high quality materials and strict quality control. It it will never rust or tarnish, it is sharp and sturdy, it still looks like new and still works well even after a few years,
  • It can do your whole beauty routine every day, no need to buy any nails clipper tools separately.
  • Contains 16 pieces of nail and toenail tools for hand, foot and face care.
  • This manicure and pedicure kit has everything you need.
  • Protect your beauty tools from scratching when the bags are folded.
  • The entire grooming kit is small and exquisite, you can put it in bags / shoulder bags, great for travel and every day wear,
  • It is a perfect gift for your relatives and friends, suitable for any occasion, family manicure kit, pedicure kit, professional nail care spa.

2. VLCC Manicure And Pedicure Kit (Combo Of 5)

Manicure And Pedicure Kit
  • The VLCC PedicureManicure Kit is designed to help you get beautiful and healthy tips and toes.
  • This kit helps maintain smooth skin, nails, and cuticles on healthy hands and feet.
  • A combination of unique products, enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients.
  • It Cleans, soothes, clarifies and brightens the skin of the hands and feet.
  • A complete revitalizer made from unique herbs that will nourish your hands and feet.
  • It brightens, lightens and even dull, patchy and damaged skin. It also helps lighten the tanned skin.

3. Beauté Secrets Manicure Kit, pedicure tools for feet, Nail Clipper, Manicure Pedicure kit for women and Men, 18 Pieces, Rose Gold

Manicure And Pedicure Kit
  • The 18-piece manicure and pedicure set contains all the tools you need for a professional manicure and pedicure.
  • The small size and light weight make it convenient to carry, ideal for travel and everyday life.
  • Each tool is made in a meticulous process that ensures it can be carried more comfortably.
  • It is very practical, it is a great gift for yourself, your relatives and friends.

4. Vaadi Herbals Soothing And Refreshing Pedicure Manicure Spa Kit, 135g

Manicure And Pedicure Kit
  • A divine combination of various herbs and aromatic oils, this set is prepared to pamper and beautify your hands and feet.
  • It cleanses, moisturizes and softens the skin on your hands and feet and nourishes your nails.
  • Include walnut kernels, clove oil, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, sandalwood, thyme, fenugreek, jojoba seeds, kokum butter, lemongrass oil, walnut scrub, turmeric extract, apricot extract, Shea butter.

5. Beauté Secrets Manicure Kit, Pedicure Tools for Feet, Nail Clipper, Ear Pick Tweezers, Manicure Pedicure kit for Women and Men, 18 Pieces, Brown

Manicure And Pedicure Kit
  • 18PCS Professional Manicure Set
  • Exquisite Packaging: Comes With Luxury Portable Leather Case.
  • Ultrafine PU Leather: Abrasion Resistant, Breathable, Aging Resistant.
  • Multifunctional Nail Care Set: Including Hand Care Set, Face Care Set, and Foot Care Set, everything you need to meet your needs.
  • The manicure and pedicure set is made of 100% stainless steel with a craft mat and great workmanship, while being durable and corrosion-resistant, extremely hard and sharp.
  • The handle of the nail clipper is non-slip, the product is more in line with the human body, and it is safer to use. Even thick nails can easily be cut directly. No great force is required.

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