Face Mask for Glass wearer-buy best mask for glass wearing people

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Any glasses wearer knows face coverings come with a price: foggy lenses. But thankfully, the best face mask for glass wearer can help solve that problem for you. Walking around with blurry vision and steamy specs isn’t the safest thing, either.

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Luckily, mask makers are developing various glasses-friendly styles as a solution, with many including pliable nose wires and strip inserts, nose guards, and adjustable ear loops for the most secure fit possible.

1. Triple-Layered Face Mask with Nose Wire and Adjustable Ear Loops

Mask for Glass wearer

Made of breathable linen and cotton, reversible, and triple-layered, it has a filter pocket, adjustable ear loops, and a nose wire for a secure fit. Not to mention it’s available in cute and unique prints, like this summer-ready gingham.

2. Reusable Cotton Face and Mouth Protection Mask

Mask for Glass wearer

This mask, available in three colors, features an adjustable nose bridge and ear loops, soft fabric, and complementary carbon inserts for added filtration.

3. Baggu Fabric Masks Loop Set

Mask for Glass wearer

Made from 100% cotton, these masks feel soft after just one wash, but remain structured enough to fit snugly over your face. They have a filter pocket, adjustable ear loops, a nose wire, and fabric that goes securely around the bottom of your chin for real protection.

4. Unisex Cloth Washable Reusable Cover (Pack of Two)

Mask for Glass wearer
Mask for Glass wearer

This face mask has a 95% cotton and 5% spandex mix for breathability and stretch. It’s triple-layered and has an adjustable nose strip for a snug fit. 

5. VTER Cotton Face Breathing Mask (Pack of Five)

High-quality knit cotton material for breathability, double-layered, fabric ear cords, and designed to fit the contour of your face. To top it off, the sweat-absorbing material helps prevent your glasses from fogging up. Simply put, this will feel so good you’ll barely even notice it.

6. Unisex Washable Reusable Face Masks (Pack of Three)

A snug fit is key for glasses wearers, and these face masks have adjustable ear loops for a seamless fit. It doesn’t hurt that they come in all kinds of designs, though we’re partial to the cosmos-inspired print. 

7. EnerPlex Premium Three-Ply Reusable Face Mask

The three-layer design (a polyester outer, cotton-blend middle, and cotton-blend inner layer) is effective and comfortable, and it comes in three sizes—a rare find when mask hunting.

8. Fashion Dust Face Protection

Soft, breathable cotton is ideal for summer—and this face mask comes with an adjustable nose wire for a secure fit.

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