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Hi Friends, We are going to see the Braun Beard Trimmer and Hair Trimmer For Men review. This razor is the one to go for if you want a total shave from top to bottom, as it comes with an electric razor and a wet-shave razor in one bundle so you can get sharp edges and tidy up the neckline while also trimming your beard.


Specifications of Braun Beard Trimmer | Hair Trimmer For Men

Trimmer length range: 0.5-10mm trimmer, additional comb 11-20mm

Accessories: Beard comb, Gillette Fusion5 razor, hair comb, detail trimmer, smart plug charger, cleaning brush

Battery life: 100 minutes

Charge time: One hour

Hair Trimmer For Men
Hair Trimmer For Men

Use the trimming attachment to get precise edges on your beard, and adjust the settings using the dial to change across 39 lengths.

Not only that, but it will come with two attachable combs if you want to trim your actual hair too.


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