Best Hand Sanitizers to Protect from COVID-19, Cold, Flu Germs in 2021

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Best Hand Sanitizers for corona virus. Combined with wearing a mask and practicing social distancing, keeping your hands clean is essential in preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus, as well as other germs that can cause the common cold and flu. Of course, washing your hands is the gold standard, but hand sanitizer is great option if don’t have access to soap and water.

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As we navigate cold and flu season (and the second wave of COVID-19), a bottle of hand sanitizer is a must-have. But choosing the right brand isn’t always simple.

1. Germ-X Hand Sanitizer, 12-PackBest Hand Sanitizer Multipack       

Best Hand Sanitizers
Best Hand Sanitizers

We’re still staring down months (or longer) of the COVID-19 pandemic, and these 12 bottles of 62% ethanol Germ-X should last at least that long. These easily fit in purses, car caddies, and desks.

2. Everyone Hand Sanitizer SprayBest Travel Hand Sanitizer        

Best Hand Sanitizers

Everyone’s spray was named the best hand sanitizer for its natural ingredients, great smell, easy-to-carry size, and 62% ethanol formula.

3. Breathe Spray Hand Sanitizer (6-Pack)Best Spray Hand Sanitizer

Best Hand Sanitizers

This convenient hand sanitizer packs 75% alcohol and offers a continuous mist for easy disinfecting. Unlike most aerosols, Breathe uses nitrogen gas in its formula, which makes up most of the air we naturally breathe (get it?!). Bonus: It earned a seal of approval from our partners at the Good Housekeeping Institute.

4. Solimo Hand SanitizerBest Hand Sanitizer Refill

There’s no reason to toss a bottle once it’s empty; instead, just pick up a refill. You’ll get more than half a gallon of 62% ethanol sanitizer in this jug, which is plenty to get you through the next few months.

5. NXN Hand Sanitizer Wipes, 3-PackBest Sanitizing Wipes

Wipes are ideal for kids and anyone who doesn’t want to keep a bottle of sanitizer in their car. This three-pack (with 240 wipes total) boasts 70% alcohol and can even help sanitize things like grocery cart handles.

6. Bare Republic Hand Sanitizer Spray, 3-PackBest Cruelty-Free Hand Sanitizer

Best Hand Sanitizers

Made with 62% ethanol, this handy spray is enriched with moisturizing aloe, as well as soothing calendula and chamomile. Bonus: It’s vegan, cruelty free, and smells like nothing.

7. Purell Single-Use Packets, 125-PackBest Single-Use Hand Sanitizer      

Much like individually wrapped wipes, these single-use packets contain a perfectly portioned dose of Purell. Just crack one open, rub, and toss the package for easy sanitizing wherever you go.

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