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Are you looking for a set of elegant and comfortable baby dresses for your baby? One of the most exciting things to do when you have a baby is to dress them. You only have a few years before they won’t let you choose their outfits – so enjoy it while you can.

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We’ve rounded up the best baby dresses to help give you some inspiration.

1. Touched by Nature Organic Dress  

Baby Dresses

Newborns are usually the most sensitive when it comes to fabrics. These dresses are made from 100 percent organic cotton, which helps reduce the potential for allergic reactions. The clothes are machine washable and do not come with sewn-on diaper covers, which makes washing and changing diapers a breeze. There are many different style options so you can choose the colors that you like the most. The best thing about it: They come in a pack of two.

2. Parade Organics Kimono Gown

Baby Dresses

For winter newborns, kimono dresses are a great way to keep them warm while maintaining the comfort of an overalls. These clothes are super eco-friendly. They are GOTS certified, which means they contain no pesticides and the manufacturer has to comply with strict environmental regulations and labor standards.

3. Carter’s Baby Summer Dresses

These dresses are sleeveless and made from 100 percent cotton for comfort and easy washing. They are designed so that they can be put on and taken off without having to be closed or zipped when changing. There are two in each pack and they come in a variety of cute color options.

4. Grace & Lucille 1st Birthday Dress

Baby Dresses

These dresses are handcrafted from a polycotton blend so they are easy to clean, which is still a very important factor for a one year old. They come in many different color options, but all with the word “one” on the front to celebrate the birthday boy or girl.

5. RuffleButts Hoodie Swim Cover Up

This swimwear has zippered and non-zippered dress options. It has three different color and style options, but all come with a hood to keep the baby’s wet head warm. Hand washed only to protect the fleece material that covers them makes her so pliable.

6. Simple Joys Toddler Dress Set

Baby Dresses

This dress will bring comfort and freedom to your little girl to express herself. The top is made of 100 percent cotton and the skirt is made of 100 percent tulle. It’s machine washable even with tulle.

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