What is best Baby bottle material?

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Hi All, We are going to discuss best baby bottle material.

best Baby bottle material
best Baby bottle material

best Baby bottle material


Lightweight and inexpensive, plastic is the standard when it comes to baby bottles, especially since the FDA no longer permits the use of bisphenol A (BPA). It is less durable than stainless steel or glass, and should be carefully cleaned to prevent scratches. Replace these bottles every few months.

Stainless steel: 

Sleek, sturdy and frequently insulated to keep milk at your baby’s preferred temperature. They are favored by parents who want a longer-lasting option. They can be pricier than plastic or glass bottles, but rarely need replacing.


Not your grandma’s glass bottles! Today’s glass bottles are heat- and shock-resistant, and often come with silicone sleeves for an extra layer of protection. These don’t need to be replaced unless they chip or break.


Food grade silicone — silky and smooth — is a great, flexible material for both bottles and nipples. Like stainless steel bottles, though, silicone bottles can be expensive.

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